Ashley James shares her TotsBots reusable nappy experience

Real Parent Ashley Louise James holding her baby, Alfie, wearing a reusable nappy

Meet TotsBots Real Parent, Ashley James! She's a DJ, Presenter, and mummy to Alfie. ​Ashley lets us in on her experience as a first-time reusable nappy user, let's see how she gets on making the switch! 


What is your main reason for swapping to reusable nappies? 

I've always cared a lot about the environment and the effect of plastic - especially as an advanced scuba diver - I've seen the damage plastic is doing. It's always been in the back of my mind I wanted to switch - but with having a newborn / moving home - it slightly intimidated me. Now Alf is older and we're settled, I'm going to start using them more and more! 

Are you excited to start your cloth nappy journey? Did you have any initial worries at first?

Yeah, I won't lie, I was a little daunted at the thought of having to clean up poo and reuse a nappy, but the process is actually very simple, and no more messy than having to clean up using wipes.

You began your reusables journey with a complete kit. Was it easy to decide on what nappy suited you and your lifestyle?

As I have just begun my reusable nappy journey, I'm still exploring the complete kit and which nappies will work best for Alfie as we go out and about exploring this summer. So far, I think the Easyfit nappy with a Bamboo Booster pad will be our go-to out and about nappy. At bedtime, the Bamboozle Night nappy has been great for a longer period.  

Which TotsBots nappy did you prefer to use and why?

I have not yet decided on my favourite nappy, but I'm sure I will very soon! Using them so far, I really like how the range is adjustable, and in the future, as Alfie grows, I can adapt which nappies, pads/liners are suitable for him, and they will last him the whole time. Amazing! I also love the prints so much especially the rainbow!

Do you use reusable nappies out and about or just at home?

For now just at home, but as I get more confident and used to Alf I'm hoping to convert fully. Baby steps for now :) 

What advice would you give to others looking to use reusables for the first time?

I think just give it a try, and you can do it just at home like me whilst you get to grips with it. I do recommend the starter pack so you can figure out what works best!

What has been the biggest surprise about using reusable nappies?

That it's easy and not as daunting or messy as I thought.

Have you convinced anyone else to make the switch to reusables?

My sister has a baby a few months behind and she's equally as impressed and making the switch.

What do you love about TotsBots nappies?

How colourful they are!

Has using cloth nappies sparked any other eco-friendly swaps at home?

I'm ALWAYS trying to be more eco friendly but there's always ways to improve ❤️ 

Thank you Ashley and we LOVE that you're switching to reusable nappies! 

If you'd like to feature as our next Real Parent and share your TotsBots reusable nappy journey, please get in touch! 

Real Parent Ashley Louise James holding her baby, Alfie, wearing a reusable nappy