A nappy that works with your routine

A nappy that works with your routine

Don’t let a leaky nappy spoil playtime, try award-winning reusables and have fun from dawn to dusk.

You try your hardest to keep a routine for your baby, all being well it’ll mostly go to plan and if it doesn’t that’s ok, try again tomorrow, another chance at winning the day. There are a lot of unpredictable factors that will try to mess with your daily plan; your coffee gets spilt, it’s a change of clothes for you; baby smothers himself in banana at breakfast time, it’s a change of clothes for him or maybe baby just does not want to wear any clothes today, fair enough today’s a nappy day then! All of these things can’t be planned for and you may feel like the parenting gods are against you but there is one thing that you can control to an extent, nappy changes.  And whilst you can’t plan for your baby’s bowel movements, you can prevent leaks disrupting your day. TotsBots reusable nappies will work with your routine, not against it all thanks to the award-winning leak free performance so you won’t get swayed off course when your snack time is looking on track. 

Make the first nappy of the day an EasyFit, the all-in-one design is quick to put on and will get your day off to a great start. Sure to contain even the biggest of morning explosions  so all you have to do is change the nappy and avoid a bath for baby before the day has even started .

If you manage to make it through the morning without a poop-cident, it’ll be about time to schedule in a change before lunch. Grab your wipes and changing mat, whip off that wet nappy, into your nappy bucket for washing it goes. Some baby's like to be naked some don't, for those who like a quick turnaround and to prevent any tears at change time we have two secrets, a soft fluffy changing mat for baby to lie down on, and fabric wipes that aren’t cold on sensitive bums. Reusable wipes do a better job than disposables so it’s a quick wipe then on again with your next nappy.

After lunch there’s an afternoon of serious playtime ahead, and you’ll need a comfortable nappy that’s up to the task of keeping baby happy and playtime going all the way through to dinner time without another change of clothes, TotsBots nappies will last 4-6 hours assuming no poo, so you can have non-stop fun without having to wrestle baby to the ground for an unwelcome nappy change. 

Oh look at the time, it’s bathtime! Where did the day go! It’s time for your last nappy of the day, one that will last through until morning. Get baby ready for bed and snuggled up in a bamboozle for a full 12 hours night sleep, and a peaceful night for you. No getting up to change them, and the nights of stripping bed sheets are gone with bamboozle giving you and baby a well deserved night’s rest.

It’s nearly time to sit down and chill! A quick 5 minutes to turn the machine on and pop your nappies in the wash and you are now ready to enjoy some peace and quiet after a busy day. Hang them up to dry before you go to bed and they’ll be ready to go again for you next day, the washing really is that simple, the machine does the hardwork. A little time spent for a happy baby and happy you, and a lot of time saved having to constantly top up on disposables.

Add reusable nappies into your daily routine, TotsBots award-winning performance means no leaks, no unexpected outfit changes mid-morning and no running out! Try a reusable nappy trial kit today.

A nappy that works with your routine