A magic potion for reusable nappies

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Washing reusable nappies

Washing your reusable nappies

Did you know the sun is a reusable nappies friend if you start to see it peak out it is a perfect time to throw on a wash and get them on the line for a lovely natural re-fresh. The suns rays are a great natural bleach to bring your reusable nappies back to their lovely white fluffy selves.

As a cloth bum parent, you will know that fabric softener is not a fluffy bums friend. To ensure your reusable nappies stand the test of time and don't' let you down, we designed our very own washing powder called Potion, a magical mixture that's specially designed to keep your nappies in tip-top condition.  

Potion not only smells delicious but has been developed especially so you can wash your reusable nappies at lower temperatures, no need to soak – simply wash with Potion for excellent results. Available in four great scents we challenge you not to sniff those freshly laundered nappies, who are we kidding it’s impossible you will be washing your bed sheets in it before too long like some of our other reusable nappies parents.

For the newbies among us looking into reusable nappies and worrying about the potential of being tied to a washing machine, in a bid to do your bit for the environment, we say fear not! You simply need a high 5!

  • 5 minutes to throw your reusable nappies into the wash with some magic Potion.
  • 5 minutes to hang on the line for some sunshine brightness.
  • 5 minutes to put away!

And just like that high five, you’re done! Let’s be honest you have a little bubba there is washing going in anyway. It really is not overwhelming we promise.

If you’re worried you will be having to handle lots of poo then by putting a TotsBots laundry kit next to your changing table you can avoid this as much as possible.

  • 1 bucket with a mesh bag allows you to throw the little stinkers straight in the bucket after changing and then you can take the mesh bag out and throw the lot into the washing machine.

So your left with a fresh pile of reusable nappies ready to use again and again it really is as easy as that.



Washing reusable nappies