Newborn Baby Checklist

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Newborn Baby Checklist...that doesn’t cost the earth!

How can such a tiny person need so much?! It can feel like your little bundle of joy requires a whole lot of stuff – and the truth is that generally they do. But with some simple swaps your newborn baby checklist doesn’t have to cost the earth… or an arm and a leg! We’ve put together our top recommendations to save you money and waste.


Reusable Baby Wipes

Wipes are a must-have when it comes to babies, whether it's for when nature calls or those sticky hands and faces, you're going to need wipes. Reusable wipes are a cost-effective and eco-friendly option, ours are made from a super soft cotton and bamboo blend; gentle to use on delicate skin and free from parabens, perfumes, and other irritating substances. Just use with water and pop in the wash with baby’s clothing after use. A pack of 10 costs £5-9, will last for years and save thousands of throwaways from landfill.


Muslin Cloths

By parents' sides through sick and thin from day one, muslins are a magical must-have accessory and an essential item on the newborn baby checklist. Have one at arm's reach and you're sorted for whatever the day throws at you. Burp, peekaboo, snuggle and snooze you will use these for everything! TotsBots organic muslin squares are made from 100% organic cotton and contain no nasties so they are safe to use on your little one’s delicate skin.


Nappy Changing Mat

Using a nappy changing mat provides a comfortable, go anywhere space to change your baby’s nappy. Whilst many nappy bags come with a free nappy mat, but they tend to be made from cold plastic which can’t be very nice for baby to lie on. TotsBots change mats are totally PVC free and thanks to its soft absorbent and fluffy top layer, make for much happier nappy changes. It also doubles up as a play mat, simply roll up and pop in your changing bag for on the go changes and baby tummy time!


Waterproof Wet & Dry (Nappy) Bag

You will breeze through your changing routine with our Waterproof Wet and Dry Bag! Comprising of two individual pouches that popper together, this clever 2-in-1 bag will help keep your unused and used cloth nappies separate. Even if you don’t use cloth nappies, it still deserves a place on the newborn baby checklist as it is also perfect for storing soiled/damp bits of baby clothing until you get them home and into the wash.


Nappy Bucket

Designed especially for use with reusable nappies, it has a lockable lid to keep in smells and keep little prying hands at bay, very handy. And even if not using cloth nappies, you’re going to go through a fair number of changes per day and this will include baby vests and babygros, burp cloths etc, so having a safe place to store them throughout the day to save having to run the laundry basket every 5 minutes will make your life much easier.


Bio-degradable nappy liners

Finally, no newborn baby checklist for today’s eco-friendly parents would be complete without bio-degradable nappy liners. Did you know that poo is meant to be flushed down the loo and not put in the bin? In addition to helping make this job a whole lot easier (just remove liner from nappy, shake poo into the loo and put liner in the bin), TotsBots Nappy liners help protect baby’s skin by providing a protective layer between the nappy and baby’s skin. Job Done!


Now you have your checklist of must-haves for your little one, to get you on your way, we are giving you a 10 pack of our Reusable Wipes for FREE with every £60+ order! 


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