5 Things That Are Dangerous On Your Period

white bread

This month we are talking about the dangers of white. It isn’t just the obvious things like the great white sharks that you need to watch out for though, there are plenty of other innocuous items closer to home that you should really consider avoiding whilst on ones’ period. Do read on:

White towels – Danger Rating – Medium

Fluffy white bundles should be safely stored away for when Aunt Flo is visiting, use the coloured towels instead. You can then soak away your aches and pains in your relaxing bath, secure in the knowledge that you will avoid creating a scene of carnage in the few milliseconds it takes you to jump out and make the dash for your Noras.

White bread - Danger Rating - Medium

White Bread. In all its forms too, toast dripping with butter, eggy bread, fried bread, bread and butter pudding…swoon. All in all very appealing comfort food when we are on our periods. On days when you could sniff out a loaf at 50 paces and wolf it down -heel end and all- in 60 seconds flat, opt for slow release foods like oats and nuts to avoid perilous bloating and a carb crash. We know, it’s hard but needs must,

White sheets- Danger Rating – High

Sigh…at Bloom & Nora we have to admit to being a bit partial to the crumpled linen bedding trend currently doing the rounds on those ultra trendy Instagram accounts, but whilst 400 thread count sheets and natural tones may look crisp, fresh and inviting, the only ultra we want for those heavy nights is ultra absorbency. Step in Mighty Nora Stay Dry pads. At 32 cm long and with triple layer core, she’ll see you through the heaviest of nights.

White Pants– Danger Rating – Very High

There is no doubt many a pair of white pants have come to a premature end of days caught out by the early arrival of Aunt Flo or sudden flash flood brought on by unexpected exertions. Whilst they may be light cool and summery, stay safe and keep them away from an early demise, go for something a little more colourful. Don't even dare with white trousers, avoid at all costs at all times!

White pepper - Danger Rating – Extreme

Now we all know white pepper adds flavour to your meals, but it also has a slightly less desirable effect of bringing on the most thunderous of sneezes. Those of us who have given birth, or who have a less than desirable pelvic floor, will understand the danger! Like white trousers, white pepper is to be avoided at all costs.

It would seem the only safe white things are our Nora Stay dry reusable pads . . .well those and maybe a little white wine!

Have a fine period lovelies!

Aunt Bloom & Aunt Nora xx

white bread