Turning waste into something wonderful with reusable nappies

Combating plastic waste with reusable nappies

Combating the plastic bottle phenomenon with reusable nappies

We are the first reusable nappy company to start using recycled plastic in our PUL (waterproof cover) for our cloth nappies. It was a move we had been working towards for a while, but we wanted to ensure we got it right. In the past 6 months since our switch to creating TotsBots nappies in a more planet-friendly way, we have managed to divert 155,478 plastic bottles from a life in landfill or from floating in our beautiful seas.

When you buy a TotsBots nappy, you will notice a little logo inside which has the well recognized recycled logo plus a picture of plastic bottles. Depending on which reusable nappies you buy will alter how much-recycled material is required. Therefore how many plastic bottles were used to create your nappy. We did the math's so you don't have too. Now you know how much waste you are saving by using reusable nappies and how much rubbish you have recycled by buying from TotsBots.

Every item we make which requires a waterproof element you can guarantee it is made from recycled plastic. From our TeenyFits to our changing mats, our EasyFit to our out and about bags, all of them are contributing to the fight against mountains of waste, recycling old plastic into something new and exciting.

Each month we are absorbing on average 25912 used plastic bottles into our products, considering as a planet at one stage we were buying one million bottles a minute we still have a long way to go to dent this, but we are making strides in the right direction.

We hope you agree with us when we say, we think we have made something rather wonderful out of waste!

It is kind of funny really, we made something out of the waste that's sole purpose is to catch baby waste!

To join us in our fight against plastic and begin your journey to sustainable nappying check out our range of reusable nappies today and start to make washing not waste!

Combating plastic waste with reusable nappies