Customer Testimonials

Katie Hogg – Bloom and Nora pads; 


“When I first heard of Bloom and Nora I wasn’t very impressed – I thought it was something I would never actually consider using.   I have very heavy periods and during the first 3 days of my period I need to change my pad every hour, I also often get leaks and have to carry around spare underwear.

Since trying Bloom and Nora things couldn’t be more different, Bloom and Nora pads work so much better for me, they are so absorbent that I need to change every four hours or so and my days of embarrassing leaks are totally gone!”


Elizabeth Williamson – Bloom and Nora pads; 


“Having never used cloth nappies on either of my children I was more than a little skeptical when I was asked to be a tester for cloth sanitary protection.  The thought of washing something I usually throw away made me a little uncomfortable.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  The pretty bathroom bag didn’t look out of place and I washed the pads every 48 hours as instructed.  They came up lovely and proved to be super absorbent and far comfier than my usual pads and tampons.  I now use Bloom and Nora pads for every cycle and have found that my usually painful and crampy time of the month is much more bearable.”


Kathryn Main – Bloom pads; 


“I was completely sceptical of using reusable sanitary protection when I first heard of it. I thought it sounded messy and not particularly hygienic. Embarrassingly, I was also worried about what other people might think – stupid really. However, I hate disposable alternatives. They made me feel so uncomfortable, I could never find anything that worked for me. The more I read into the waste that disposables have produced and also the disgusting chemicals that were present in them, the more I was convinced to give CSP a go – and I was not disappointed!


I have loved using Bloom and Nora. The Bloom pads have worked best for me as I love the natural bamboo core. They are so comfortable and I no longer have to suffer from skin irritation or discomfort. It’s also fantastic knowing that there are no nasty chemicals whatsoever in them. I was so surprised at my friends and boyfriend’s reaction when I told them I was using them, they thought it was a fantastic product, for the environment and for giving women an alternative choice to chemical-full disposable sanitary products. If I can help it, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using disposables.”


Christine Burnett – Bloom pads; 


“As we used cloth nappies it seemed a natural progression to move onto CSP and that hasn’t been a decision I have regretted. They are comfier, cheaper over time, and much better for the environment (and let’s face it, who really wants chemicals down below!) The pads fasten with a simple popper under your pants (like a disposable with wings) then when it’s time to change, just give it a quick rinse to avoid stains and pop into a wet bag. They are machine washable and tumble drier friendly (on cool) so take minimum effort for a much comfier time of the month! The B&N pads are some of the thinnest I have used and are very absorbent. A product which gets an A+ from me!”


Claire Hammond – Bloom pads; 


“I’ve been using sanpro for a while now having heard about the benefits of them. I’ve tried a few different brands with varying success. A bit like nappies, there were some I preferred over others with Tots Bots being a favourite! So when I found out they were planning to launch sanpro, I couldn’t wait to try them.


So far I’ve tried  the Bloom midi pads. Not only is it pretty (pink and black!), it was super soft and comfortable to wear. I also loved the positioning of the tabs to hold it in place. This is one of my biggest bug bears with other brands that can move around but this one stayed in place perfectly. It was also super thin, yet absorbent, so you didn’t feel like you were wearing a nappy!


I washed at 40 per the instructions and it came out stain free and dried super quick. I’ll def be buying more!”


Kate Fever – Nora pads


“I have used the Nora pad this week. I have found it to be more absorbent than my usual disposable pad, and have needed to change less frequently. It doesn’t feel plasticky or uncomfortable, and doesn’t leave me feeling damp.

 The pad doesn’t stain, washes well without loss of shape, and dries quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more.”


Sarah Spragg – Bloom pads


“As a fluffy mummy I haven’t had much luck with CSP but was impressed with my new Bloom mighty pad. I am currently 3 weeks post delivery and am using CSP for the first time post partum. The shape of the Bloom pad gave good coverage and meant that I did not leak even when worn overnight. The wings held the pad firmly in place and it stayed well fitted as the mighty pad is not a flimsy pad. Bloom was comfortable to wear being padded enough to give me reassurance it would cope with my flow without being obvious I was wearing a cloth pad. The pad washed well and did not stain,I like the fact I could tumble dry it on low.”