Number 1′s and Number 2′s…


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50The number 1 question we get asked from first time Mums and Dad’s is researching cloth nappies is, “What do you do with the poo?” and it’s usually with a bit of a whimper. It is actually very simple and also whimper free:


  • Always use a separate liner, disposable (must be flushable) or reusable.
  • Flushable liner & time to change? Remove liner and flush down loo.
  • Washable liner & time to change? Remove liner, shake poo into loo and put liner in the nappy bucket. Job done!


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56The number 2 question is“What about the washing?” (also with a bit of a whimper), well:


  • You will need to do a nappy wash every couple of days, it is worth mentioning that the little bits of time spent washing, hanging up to dry and putting away only adds up to one hour per week…and yes we have timed it.
  • No need to soak, store in nappy bucket until time to wash.
  • You can wash with the rest of your laundry but separate nappy loads are what most people prefer.
  • Non-bio powder is best for babies skin.
  • No whimpering required!
  • Watch our movie guide: Washing those Poopy Nappies




Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50Can I use cloth nappies from birth?

Yes, definitely. For early teeny babies you can use the Teenyfits or we would recommend the size 1 PeeNut or Bamboozle Stretch. For average size babies 8lbs plus go straight into the Easyfits, PeeNuts or the size 2 Bamboozle Stretch.


Tots Bots Pink FlowerHow often will I need to change them?

A newborn baby can need changing 8-10 times per day. Once weaned this can reduce to 5-6. Toddlers only need about 3-4 nappies per day.


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50How many cloth nappies will I need?

You will need 20 nappies if you plan to wash daily, 25 if you want to wash every second day. Our PeeNut kit includes enough wraps and pads to use full time.


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56How much will I need to spend in total?

If you are buying a complete set then budget between £200 – £350.


Tots Bots small blue flowerWill they last for more than one child? 

Hmm, that depends. Cloth nappies endure a lot of peeing, pooing and washing, eventually they will wear out. If however you have a full set of nappies, and that means buying about 20-25, you never tumble dry, never soak, wash at 30 constantly and wash within a day of soiling then you may find that your nappies will be reusable for another child.


Tots Bots Pink FlowerI have heard that babies potty train earlier when using cloth,is this true?

On the whole yes. There is a slight delay between your little one weeing, and absorption of the wee in cloth, so that toddlers learn to associate the wetness with peeing sooner than they do in disposables, therefore speeding up potty training.


Tots Bots small blue flowerMy baby’s bum looks bigger compared to a disposable, is it comfy?

Disposables have only been around since the 70’s and before then every baby wore cloth with no adverse effect of discomfort, in actual fact when toddling cloth is best as it gives a nice padded landing.


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56What does B2P mean? 

Birth to Potty, also known as a One Size Fits All, or OSFM…One Size Fits Most which is really more the case. With all Birth to Potty nappies there is always a compromise to be made for those babies at either ends of the weight and length centile chart. We find that the Birth to Potty options we have ( the Easyfit, PeeNut, & Bamboozle size 2) are great on 90% of newborn babies. However on long skinny babies we sometimes see leg gape and this can result in leaks until the baby puts on a few layers of fat. This is easy to solve, if you are expecting a smaller baby, buy some Teenyfits or size 1 Bamboozle Stretchies or PeeNut Wraps to cover this initial period.


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50What does All-in-One mean?

All in One…this means that the waterproof layer is integral to the nappy and no need to fumble around at 3 am in the morning for a separate waterproof cover….oh how we love those night changes!




Tots Bots Pink FlowerHow many times should I was my nappies before use?

They will need up to 8 washes before getting up to full absorbency. Just pop them in with your normal laundry, (white with white, colour with colours) no need to dry in between. You can use them after first wash if you can’t wait.

Tots Bots small blue flowerCan I tumble dry?

Yes, always on the cool setting but really there is no need to tumble the wraps or the Easyfits.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56For the two piece system, do I need to use a new wrap with every change?

No simply re-use with the next nappy.


Tots Bots small blue flowerShould I use a liner?

We recommend that you use a liner to keep baby’s bum dry. Use a paper or fleece liner but not both.

Tots Bots Pink FlowerWhat is best, paper or fleece liners?

Fleece works best but paper is more convenient.

Tots Bots small blue flowerCan I use a barrier cream?

If using paper liners yes, if not then no as it will build up in the nappies/fleece liner and can be difficult to get off and can cause absorption problems.

Tots Bots Pink FlowerMy baby sleeps through the night, should I still need to change her nappy?

Wow lucky you!! The saying let sleeping dogs lie also applies to babies! Just make sure you use a stay dry liner and if the nappy is totally sodden in the morning then boosting is a good idea.

Tots Bots small blue flowerWill I need to boost?

Not in the first instance but as baby grows you will definitely need to boost the Easyfits. You will know once you start to have to change more frequently than before.

Tots Bots Pink FlowerHow many nappies will make up a full load?

For optimum performance do not overload your machine, no more than 15 nappies at a time.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50Can I use fabric conditioner on my nappies?

No, it coats the fibres and reduces absorbency.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56Can I bleach the nappies?

No. If you find your nappies are still stained after washing, reduce the time in between washes and get as much poop off before you pop them in the bucket. Wash in TotsBots Potion at 60 and best of all, line dry – sunlight works wonders!


Tots Bots small blue flowerShould I strip wash my nappies?

In certain cases cloth nappies may suffer from detergent build up and it this will affect their performance, firstly by reducing the absorbency as the fibres can become coated with detergent residues. Synthetic fabrics like microfibre and fleece are more prone to this than cotton and bamboo. Secondly you may notice your nappies not smelling clean after washing (aka nappy stink). To fix for reduced absorbency (and to keep your nappies smelling fresh): Thoroughly rinse the nappies by doing a couple of full wash cycles without any detergent. Once rinsed, the nappies should be tumble dried until dry then tumble dried for a further 15 minutes.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a tumble drier though; give the inside towelling a good rub to fluff up the pile.  The fabric should look and feel fluffy and not flat.


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56Why do you recommend powder instead of liquid detergent?

We have found that liquid detergents are more prone to detergent build up and can therefore coat the nappies and reduce their absorbency.


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56How long do the flushable liners take to break up?

Our liners will degrade completely within 8 days in a typical sewage farm anaerobic digester, where the residence cycle is about 20 days. If, however you have old or damaged pipes and the liners get stuck on the way to the sewerage plant, we haven’t got test results for how quickly they would degrade. Therefore, we would advise to dispose any flushable liners in your compost/ bin if you have concerns about your pipes. Better still, use washable ones.