Customer Testimonials

Tots Bots Pink FlowerChristine Burnett & Matilda – Easyfit, Bamboozle Stretch and Teenyfits!


“I have been using TotsBots nappies for almost 5 years, with all 3 of my children.

We mainly use Easyfits in the daytime. They really are so easy to use; fasten like a disposable so are very user friendly. At nights we use a Bamboozle & Wrap combo and haven’t found a better nappy for our needs.

With baby number 3 we decided to use cloth nappies from birth so bought some of the very cute Teenyfits. We found them very slim fitting and perfectly absorbent for a newborn – another success here! Better for the environment, better for the bank balance and a lot better to look at – what’s not to love!


Tots Bots small blue flower

 Kate Sheridan & Emily – Easyfit!kate_testimonial

“I started using cloth nappies almost 4 years ago on my son and they’re getting used again on my daughter! I did buy a few more Easyfits because the colours and patterns are fab. I always get lovely comments when non-cloth mums see them too. They’re really absorbent and can hold in even the runniest poo! They’re not too bulky so I’ve never had a problem finding clothes to go over squishy fluffy bums. They’re so easy to use that even Emily’s dad can use them!”


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56Janey Blaszkowicz – Papoozle


“Within a week of having my newborn son, I found myself stuck holding him all the time as he became stressed and cried when i put him down.  The Papoozle gave me the freedom to do every day things and enjoy being a new mum by carrying my happy little bundle around with me.  He is such a happy contented little boy and I am positive this is as a direct result of those many hours cuddled up to me during his first few months. A very happy mummy indeed. Thanks for designing such a great product! Janey and Drew”



Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50Malina and Miles, Ontario- Stretchy

“The Stretchie is the ONLY nighttime solution here! We spent 13 months trying everything. We stuffed pockets so thick that my son’s bum was so fluffy, he couldn’t lay on his back without his feet in the air. Even disposables leaked. Then came the Stretchy. It was love at first wear. Trim, soft and so stretchy that my son is always comfy. Best of all, there are still dry patches on the diaper come morning!”


Kimberly & Oscar

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56Kimberly Scully and Oscar - Easyfit

“I started to research using cloth nappies when pregnant with my fourth child  – now 12 weeks old. I had happily used disposables on my previous three children and so although I decided to try cloth, I was skeptical as to whether these nappies would be convenient enough for a busy Mum of four! Tots Bots Easyfits are now the first nappy that I reach for and I am thrilled to say that we have now banished disposables completely from our weekly shop! As an all-in-one nappy, The Easyfit is exactly as it advertises…..easy! The aplix fastening means that even those that are totally new to real nappies will not be intimidated when using them, and as a birth-to-potty nappy they are extremely economical. We are yet to have a single leak, even with exclusively breastfed baby poo. Leaving the best part ’til last, my Easyfits are gorgeous, and never fail to attract admiration. I love Easyfits and am now totally converted to the world of real nappies. Thank you Tots Bots for a wonderful nappy!”


MalinaEF.testimonialScreen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50Rob and Miles Dockendorff, Spencerville – Easyfit

“I’m a dad who was reluctant to start cloth diapering our son. Sure, I could see the benefits, it was good for the world, good for our budget and better for our baby, but I was still hesitant about actually using them. Would they work? Would I be able to work them? The Easyfits sold me! They’re simpler than pie to stuff and put on, I’ve *almost* never had a leak (don’t underestimate the ability of a dad to screw up even the simplest of tasks) and my son looks awesome in them! The Cosmic Easyfit has to be the coolest diaper on Earth.”


sarah Hyde

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56Sarah & Georgia Hyde – Stretchy

“I needed a night time solution for my heavy wetting, chunky baby. I didn’t want to be changing nappies and bedclothes in the night so good absorbency was important. The Bamboozle Stretch is proving to be a great night nappy. I boost it with a second bamboo insert and top with a fleece liner and a wrap and we have had no night time leaks. The Size 2′s  fit my 8 month baby and my toddler. I am a huge pocket nappy fan but the new Easyfit has converted me! The PUL cover is so soft, I LOVE the cherrylicious print, the bamboo is so absorbent and the overall product is just so slim fitting. A great nappy with room to boost further. Love it.”


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50Melony & Annabelle – Easyfit


“I decided to switch to cloth when Annabelle started to suffer with severe Nappy Rash resulting in a lot of doctors visits. When my first Easyfit nappy arrived I wondered how it would be possible for a nappy so slim fitting to hold as much as the dreaded disposables. How wrong I was, it lasts just as long, keeps her bottom dry, looks adorable, and we haven’t had ANY nappy rash since switching! Tots Bots are by far my favourite cloth nappies and I have tried many. They are still going strong 9 months on, I cannot praise these nappies enough!”

LeahKerScreen Shot 2013-06-19 at 20.01.56Leah Ker and Brayden, Pennsylvania – Easyfit

“We’ve invested in a bunch of cloth diapers, but TotsBots Easyfits are the only One-Size to continuously fit my son – *and never leak*! They’re my husband’s favorite diapers, too , so the proof’s in the pudding for how simple they are. =) His favorite part? Not having to search the house for missing inserts. But the best feature to me is by far the reliability. These are my workhorses and they never miss a beat!


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50Claire Lauren Smith – Easyfit

claire lauren smith phto

“I just wanted to say how much I love TotBots cloth nappies! They are so easy to use and I’d never go back to disposables. My daughter looks super cute in them with her big fluffy bum. Can’t fault them at all. We’re currently using the Easyfits and I get on with them so much that I bought a whole load more the other day. I thought it was confusing at first…..but tried one and thought this is just as easy as disposables! The only difference is that you wash them and re use which saves £100′s! So happy I chose cloth nappies. One very pleased Mummy and a very happy fluffy Tots-bot!”



Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 19.57.50Sarah Stephenson and Lucy

image“We are writing to tell you how happy and amazed we are with the Easyfit nappies! After several poo explosions and wet legs in disposable nappies I was looking for something to contain the mess and save several clothes changes. Your staff on social media are fantastic! They told me about the different styles you do and we chose Easyfit; 4 months on and we haven’t had one leak! Red bums are a thing of the past. We are always looking for new prints to add to our growing collection and I’m even converting friends too! Lucy is happy which makes me happy, thank you.