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Cloth nappies are for life, not just for Christmas!

14th January 2016

There comes a sad point in life when your last baby can no longer squeeze into those adorable Teenyfits and even the most reluctant of toddlers will progress to big boy/girl pants one day.  Real nappies don’t get thrown in the bin like . . . well . . . like disposables and there are… Read more

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Natural Cures for Nappy Rash

11th August 2015

If you have chosen to use cloth nappies, the good thing it that you shouldn’t  have to deal with nappy rash very often, though with sensitive baby skin and teething, most people still have to deal with it at one stage or another.   Many high street creams are not compatible with cloth nappies as… Read more

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Cloth Nappy Myths – Busted!

22nd April 2015

When we tell people we are choosing to use cloth nappies, we are usually met with either nods of agreement or looks of horror.  It seems not everyone knows how far cloth nappies have come over the last few years and the image of boiling big bulky terry squares still sits in some people’s minds. … Read more

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Newborns and Cloth Nappies

10th March 2015

When you are first handed that teeny tiny bundle of baby,  their fragility is one of the first things you notice.  Fingers with nails so small that curl up into balls, a squishy little nose that you can’t help but want to touch and the smallest baby bum that fits so well in the palm… Read more

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Cloth Nappies on a Budget

28th November 2014

Nappies are a necessity for all babies. Speaking to parents over the years, one of the things we hear time and time again is that reusable nappies seem expensive. Yes you do need to buy a few to last you a full day, but don’t let the initial cost of reusable nappies put you off…. Read more

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A First time Mum, Rosie, and her journey with Cloth Nappies

20th November 2014

Some decide to use cloth before they are even pregnant, and for others it is something they happen upon as their baby grows and they meet more mums.  Whenever you make the decision, it isn’t too late, and we have been speaking to first time mum Rosie about her experiences.     Rosie is mum… Read more

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A TotsBots Changing Bag

24th September 2014

Leaving the house with a newborn isn’t easy and leaving the house with a toddler has its challenges too (but Mummy I NEED to wear one welly boot and one of Daddy’s shoes today).  What does make it easier is having your changing bag ready to go and we learned very early on to prepare… Read more

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Pregnancy and awaiting your Cloth Bum Baby

22nd September 2014

A new baby is an exciting thing, and you may decide that you want to use cloth nappies from birth, or shortly thereafter (some prefer to wait until the cord has fallen off and the meconium given way to something a bit more pleasant).  As your tummy swells, you may start thinking about where to… Read more

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How to reuse your TotsBots Potion tub…

17th September 2014

Here at TotsBots we are all about reusable, and that extends further than our nappies.  Our Potion comes in strong plastic tubs that don’t need to be thrown away after use.  In fact, there are so many ways that you can reuse your TotsBots Potion tub that we have picked our top 5.  Make sure… Read more

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Meet Kate our Fluffragette!

10th September 2014

This month we have Fluffragette Kate on the blog, Mum to Gemma, Jacob and Max, wife to Kevin and writer of My Family Fever, Kate lives in Devon with her family.       How old is your fluffy bum/bums? Max is 15 months. Before him came 2 other fluffy bums. Gemma is now 8… Read more

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