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The Importance of Reading to Children

18th May 2016

  ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go’     Everyone loves a Dr Seuss quote and this one is very important to us.  You may have noticed we have released two story print collections and nothing makes us happier than… Read more

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Benefits of Line Drying

4th May 2016

Hurrah for Spring; the daffodils, banishing the winter coats, flip flops, muddy knees, picnics and of course, nappies hanging on the line!   It is our favourite time of year and we just love seeing you sharing photos.  We thought we would share our favourite thing about line drying your nappies.   1. Stains, stains,… Read more

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What a newborn really needs…

14th April 2016

                                                    Babies are born so small and helpless that it seems almost incomprehensible that they come with so much  ‘stuff’.  Everywhere we look there are people trying to sell us… Read more

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Spring Style

11th April 2016

  Spring is arriving and with it the excuse to buy new clothes for the little people to see them through the changing weather. Our new Easyfit Star and PeeNut are extra slim, but we still find that some clothes are cut better for our cute little crawlers, our wrigglers and our walkers. We like… Read more

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Inside the Nappy Bag of a Cloth-Bum Mum & Baby Mule GIVEAWAY!

8th April 2016

  If you are preparing for the birth of your first baby and wondering what you need to pack for your trips out the house then look no further.  We want to share what is in the changing bag of a cloth bum Mum.  This list may not be right for you but it is… Read more

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Saving money during Pregnancy

5th April 2016

  Pregnancy can be very expensive with all the new things you suddenly have to purchase.  Even buying pre-loved soon adds up and there are so many appealing new devices and contraptions designed to make Mum’s life easier, but her pockets emptier.  Not only are cloth nappies better for the environment, kinder on your baby’s… Read more

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Easyfit Star Video from Toad’s Caravan!

24th March 2016

We have teamed up with the amazing creatives at Toad’s Caravan to produce a wonderful video of the new Easyfit Star. Watch the video below to see our new nappy in action! Don’t forget sharing is caring! Feel free to share the link with your family and friends and spread the fluffy love!    … Read more

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Behind the Seams – What happens in an Easyfit, stays in an Easyfit!

24th March 2016

      At TotsBots we are always on a mission to create the perfect nappy. We know that as soon as you say the words “cloth nappies”, folks immediately think of plastic pants, soaking, boiling, folding, faffing and work. That’s a lot of negativity to overcome, so to convince parents to use cloth, our nappies… Read more


No. 1 Tester

21st March 2016

  Back in the early days of TotsBots, it was our CEOs’, Fiona and Magnus’s babies, that played the most coveted role of “No.1 Tester”. It’s a position that has since been passed down and is about to gain it’s newest recruit in April, so we decided to interview one of the originals – Stroan… Read more

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Gumigems Giveaway!

21st March 2016

We at TotsBots have been lucky enough to team up with the lovely people at Gumigems in order to offer you a chance to win one of 5 Gumigems Teething Accessories!   Each winner will be able to pick a Gumigem of their choice! Choose from; fashionable teething necklaces, rings, bracelets, toys and accessories! Our… Read more