Meet The TotsBots Team

The BossyBots

Fiona and her kidsFiona – Director

Likes – Having a VERY tidy nappy drawer, blowing raspberries on Number One Testers tummy and the bubble beard hilarity at bathtime

Best at – Being bossy, making cakes and always knowing the right pantone to pick

Best thing about TotsBots – The fun I have with the girls in the office deciding on puns for the FB competitions and the weekends away at Baby Shows- the nearest thing we get to a holiday sometimes!

Magnus.botMagnus – Director

Likes – Mountainbiking,  making curries and forests.

Best at – Having the never ending list of things to do, being grumpy with suppliers who don’t do what they are asked & making things out of cardboard boxes

Best thing about TotsBots – Getting free nappies for all our kids. Saved us a fortune!

The OfficeBots

Paul.financialdirectorPaul – Financial Director

Likes – Customers who pay on time and The Ramones

Best at – Pivot tables in Excel spreadsheets

Best thing about TotsBots – There is never a dull moment

rhonaRhona – National Account Manager

Likes – Gaelic singing with her sisters and Islay, the most beautiful island in the world

Best at – Ceilidh dancing till the wee small hours, being first on the stage for a karaoke and last to get off the stage at a karaoke

Best thing about TotsBots – Love the Baby Shows, great fun and it is lovely meeting the customers face to face

happytohelpAmanda – Marketing Co-ordinator

Best at – Keeping calm and carrying on…just!

Likes – Cocktails, Celine Dion and all things fashion.

Best thing about TotsBots- Working in a fast paced environment and the funky prints

The FactoryBots

Line1The Girls who make your nappies

Best at -Making nappies in the whole of the UK

Likes – Tom to do good neat cutting and the sweetie tin being passed around at 2pm

Best thing about TotsBots – The bonus every month!

Tom.cutterTom – Cutter

Likes – Aerosmith and Fiona’s caramel shortcake

Best at – Cutting things in very straight lines and looking like Art Garfunkel just before he gets his haircut

Best thing about TotsBots – The amount of overtime!

Archie.-engineerArchie – Maintenance Engineer

Likes – The craic in the factory

Best at – Fixing stuff! If it is broken, Archie will fix it!

Best things about TotsBots- Working for a growing manufacturing company

John.warehousemgrJohn- Warehouse Manager

Likes – Hi-fi separates and steak bakes from Greggs

Best at – Making things fit onto a pallet with millimetres (and sometimes seconds) to spare

Best thing about working for TotsBots – Still crazy after all these years!