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About Us – How It All Beganourstory

The idea for TotsBots came along fairly soon long after the birth of our second baby. We had used disposable nappies with our first born and had made the decision we just couldn’t go down that route again. We appreciated the convenience of disposables but at what cost?

Our research at the time led us to a few conclusions:

  • We had thrown a ridiculous amount of disposables to landfill
  • It had cost us a lot of money.
  • The cloth nappy we wanted wasn’t on the market… yet!

I designed and made the first TotsBots cloth nappies using an old towel in October 2000. I was pretty surprised at how well my prototypes worked and took a very brave step….I ordered a 50 metre roll of towelling! I made some for friends and the feedback was really positive. I sent samples to a couple of internet nappy retailers (there were only about 8 at the time!) and they loved the nappies and placed their first orders immediately. At that point I didn’t even have a name for the nappies. The first test order was sent out in January 2001 and it wasn’t long before we had a kitchen full of fluff, (literally) and my husband, Magnus had to give up his job to help.

In 2003 we revolutionised the washable nappy world by making bamboo nappies. The Bamboozle hit the shelves and that was when the rollercoaster really took off! It was the first cloth nappy ever to win the Mother & Baby gold award.

Now almost ten years later and TotsBots is still a family run business, although it is quite a different operation from the days when Magnus and I made the first cotton nappies at our kitchen table! Most of our products are made in our factory in Glasgow by a great bunch of people who are totally committed to ensure our products reach you in tip-top condition.

The saying “Necessity is the Mother of all Invention” has always been at the heart of what we do and having your own little team of testers really does help get it right first time! Since starting TotsBots, we have had two more children and with every baby comes a new product. With baby number 3 we had the Flexitot, the Easyfit and the Papoozle. With baby number 4 we had the Bamboozle Stretch and the Easyfit V2. From the V2, we developed the Easyfit V3, the Easyfit V4, the PeeNut nappy system and the Easyfit Star. Shall we stop there? Who knows!

We hope that you like our nappies. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Nappying

Fiona & Magnus Smyth

Directors and Founders of TotsBots Ltd