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Using Cloth Nappies from Birth

16th August 2016

Nothing can quite prepare you for life with a new baby.  Pregnancy is so all consuming and the biggest worry is about how seven pounds of baby is going to actually fit out of your body.  The actually reality of having a baby can be more exciting, intense, exhausting and exhilarating than you ever imagined.


Some people choose to use cloth nappies from birth whilst others wait a few days or weeks until they are settled into a little more of a routine before ditching the disposables.  If you do decide to use real nappies from the very first one then we are here to let you know not only is it possible, but it isn’t as hard as you may think.


Hospitals, birth centres and midwives have all seen them before and will all respect your wishes.  You can even add something in to your birth plan to make it clear this is what you want if you are worried about the intensity of labour.  Make sure you are prepared with wet bags, plenty of nappies and liners and you are good to go! There is nothing cuter than a brand new baby in their first nappy.




The number of nappies in your stash will affect how often they need a wash.  Our Teenyfits are ideal for a newborn but many people also use our Easyfit Birth-to-Potty nappies from birth too.  Whilst line drying is ideal, they can be tumble dried too to save time.  The washing process is pretty easy and doesn’t require much effort, encouraging your partner to help out is a great idea too and takes some of the strain off.


Our Teenyfit nappies are designed to be slim fitting and absorbent for newborns which means that they should fit fine underneath baby’s clothes without needing to change size.  Newborns need to be changed around every 2 hours regardless of which type of nappy you use and we recommend a liner to help keep their little bots dry – either a disposable one or a fleece.  Even the stickiest meconium washes out of nappies and liners without leaving a mark, just make sure you do a cool rinse before the proper wash.


And really, that is all there is to it! Our Teenys are dad friendly, quick drying and slim fitting and you can keep baby away from harsh chemicals for longer.

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  1. Ruby said on

    Hi Totsbots, I love cloth nappies and we used them from birth with all our children.
    In your article I’m slightly confused by the term ‘dad friendly’. Is this a somewhat patronising way of saying ‘ so easy even a *man* could use them!?

  2. totsbots (Post author) said on

    Hi Ruby, it’s not a patronising way no, more so referring to the feedback we get from our customers that their partners find ‘two-parter’ nappies to be quite fiddly and as Teenyfit is an all-in-one it seems to be the nappy they prefer :) . Hope that helps answer your question!

  3. Cathy said on

    I’m afraid I agree with Ruby- I love totsbots and our new stars are fab, but my husband did all the research and buying of our nappies and most of the changing too; he is far more adept at it than I – even the Bamboozles…so although I get what you’re trying to say, it (perhaps counter intuitively) doesn’t come across very dad-friendly.
    On a different note, are teenyfits like mini stars or a previous version of easyfits?

  4. totsbots (Post author) said on

    Hi Cathy, well that’s awesome to hear as our original TotsBots Dad (and resident product designer!) designed them with both parents in mind so he will be very happy with that feedback. Our current Teenyfits are V4 version but please stay tuned for future updates! :)

  5. Rain said on

    Tots bots nappies are great, so comfy and look very sweet, I always recommend them. Agree with previous comments though, what do you mean by ‘dad friendly’? Fathers are perfectly capable of using real nappies, they don’t need it dumbed down for them. And mothers like easy to use also!

  6. Hannah said on

    Dad friendly made me chuckle (baby number 3) on the way and with our first 2 now 6&4 our easyfit a were the first inline when daddy was changing … They are super simple no folding tucking adding extra layers etc etc …. Can’t wait for the new line of teeny stars (we’re presuming) to be released as dad says they are the only ones he will use! X

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