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No. 1 Tester

21st March 2016

Totsbots nappy shoot


Back in the early days of TotsBots, it was our CEOs’, Fiona and Magnus’s babies, that played the most coveted role of “No.1 Tester”. It’s a position that has since been passed down and is about to gain it’s newest recruit in April, so we decided to interview one of the originals – Stroan – and see what it was like to be the official TotsBots “No.1 Tester”.


What’s your Name? Stroan

How old are you?  6 and a quarter

Can you remember wearing nappies when you were little? Nooooo!

What do your Mummy and Daddy do? They have a nappy factory.

What do you want to do when you grow up? I used to want to be a rock star but now I want to be a zookeeper. I love animals.

Can you remember being PooperHero? Yes…it was awesome, I had my ben 10 watch on and my mummy wanted me to take it off… but I didn’t.

If you could design a nappy what would you put on it? I don’t know, I think the babies might not like it. I just like superheroes.

If you could design something what would it be?

I would design a bed that could fly, so I could go to school without having to get out of my bed!

We hear you have a fluffy dog too, Rufus? Do you like having a dog? Yeah…He plays fetch with me. He is funny. He sometimes steals my teddies and I have to chase him around the garden.

Do you have any other fluffy things? My creeper minecraft toy and

I also like barn owls they are really cool because their eyes don’t move but they can turn their head almost all the way round.  

And here is our Pooperhero now!…











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