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TotsBots Summer of Fluff

22nd June 2015

As always, we aim to serve at TotsBots so we’ve launched a little volley of products in time for Wimbledon 2015…smashing!


Our design team have had an ace time creating this gorgeous collection to provide you with the ultimate summer of fluff for your little ball boys and ball girls.


First up, our award winning Bamboozle Stretch just got brighter…it’s our new mixed doubles team of Buzz and Berry, two awesome new stripey stretchies.  They are beeyond lovely, don’t you think?


Buzz and Berry

Next it’s game, set and match on Centre Court with our latest special edition print, Wimblebum! This new unisex print celebrates the most British of sporting traditions, Wimbledon, and is available now in Easyfit, Teenyfit and Wraps.

Wimblebum Easyfit_500



Wimbledon tickets may be rarer than a Royal Flush but you can still celebrate a Summer of Fluff with TotsBots as we’re giving you the chance to win your very own trio featuring Wimblebum, Buzz and Berry.

You can win by entering our easy competition below:


a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you can’t wait until then, Wimblebum, Buzz, and Berry are all available to pre-order online NOW for despatch before the official Wimbledon tournament starts on 29th June!

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Comments on this blog

  1. Gemma AKA fluffybabybum said on

    Wimblebum absolutely love it! It needs to be in my life and on my sons bum!

  2. Kara said on

    love the new stretchies! Need to add these to my collection! Will be preordering a new teeny too ready for Wimbledon!

  3. Stacey Stygle said on

    Wow I love all three nappies. very summery, bright and perfect for Wimbledon.

  4. Valerie noble said on

    i can’t decide…i think it’s between wimblebum and berry but then I think buzz is really cute too!

  5. Kimberley said on

    I am loving these new designs. I wonder if Mr K will let me have a teenyfit ready for baby number 2!

  6. Hadewych van Dijck said on

    I love the new nappies!! My boyfriend is a tennis freak and will absolutely love the wimblebum (great name!) diaper! My little girl would look great in all three nappies!

  7. Sammy Lewis said on

    I am a huge Wimbledon fan, so I just have to have this nappy! I only have two or three totsbots, and I would love to add these to my collection as Wimblebum pops my cork!

  8. Alexa said on

    I love love love them all but my favourite is wimblebum – would be lush to win as I am new to cloth and need to build up my small stash!

  9. Emma Parma said on

    So glad I tried Easyfits again! They didn’t fit my girly well when she was smaller but now we love them! Can’t wait to try teenyfits when we have a third!
    Love the new designs

  10. Tanzi Spencer said on

    Oh wow I love buzz and berry so much I don’t know which is my favourite, I think berry is my favourite but buzz would be my eldest favourite

  11. jo hillcoat said on

    Love the Wimblebum! Strawberries are my fave and daddy loves tennis so a great combination!

  12. Alexa said on

    Oh no I accidentally entered my Instagram name into my twitter name bit and couldn’t change it- but I do follow you and have done the tweet part successfully and copied the link fingers crossed

  13. Sylvia Hampel said on

    we got the teeny to add to squish stash and easyfit too as the 3 year old thinks we need them for the new baby, lol.

  14. Sara said on

    I’m a beekeeper so buzz is definitely my favourite. Can you make a clear wrap next – so we can show off the bamboozles?

  15. kristin edward said on

    I’m berry excited about the new nappies all the buzz and excitement almost got me bamboozled. Thankfully is summer all be it raining and I’m (straw)berry excited.

  16. Vicky said on

    Love these new patterns, eapecially the wimblebum :) cant wait for new babys arrival to try them all out :) x

  17. Caroline Guthrie said on

    I like them all, but live Wimblebum! The detail on the balls is fantastic and I love the cheeky little Bee on it as well.

  18. vicky said on

    Absolutely love all 3 designs, very summery. My favourite has to be Wimblebum! Very typical British Summer

  19. Hannah Cody said on

    I need the buzz in my collection!!

    And having a July boy that Wimbledon wrap would be just make it complete!

  20. Natasha Anderson said on

    I love Wimblebum print!!! And the Berry wrap is just adorable!! Want want want!!

  21. emma thompson said on

    Definitely buzz…how cute would it be looking at a little bumble bee butt crawling around outside this summer?!

  22. Jillyan Graham said on

    Love these, so hard to choose a favourite but I think it might be wimblebum!

  23. Becky Evans said on

    I neeeeed this Wimbledon nappy for my boy, born at almost the exact moment Andy Murray won on 7/7/2013! Spent most of my labour watching Wimbledon on the telly, but couldn’t quite hold out to see it to the finish. As soon as he was born the midwives let us know murray had won! A keepsake nappy for absolute sure!

  24. Louise Gillham said on

    Love the Wimbledon nappy would be awesome to have for when we go to Wimbledon in July like we do every year (last year my little man was there in me thus year he will be there in person in Murray Mound :) ) xx

  25. Francesca Elliott said on

    My favourite is berry, my partners is wimblebum and I just know my 5yo would love his little brother in buzz!

  26. Donna Howard said on

    I’ve not tried bamboozles but I love my easy fits and have used them for both children

  27. Tina Yarrall said on

    Wimblebum design is great but am a bamboozle fan so of those I like the Buzz!!!

  28. Ivey Petty said on

    Loving them all! But especially loving Wimblebum! Hope to get one for my girls!

  29. Adrienne said on

    I love them all, but I love the boldness of Wimblebum! I can just see it my sweet baby come November!

  30. Laura Johnson said on

    Really like the new designs! Wimbledon is so cute and my daughter would love it (I think daddy would too as it is sport related…)

  31. Sally said on

    Wimblebum over the top of strawberries and cream would be an ace (!) night combo!

  32. Amy Lopatko said on

    These are really cool, everyone loves Wimbledon so hopefully it will convert a few more mummies to use cloth!

  33. Alison Purdy said on

    would love to try TotBots diapers! Buzz and the whole Wimbledon trio are adorable!

  34. Joanna Bowery said on

    Wimblebum totally makes me pop my cork – nothing better than tennis, strawberries and a glass of fizz!

  35. Nikki Pearson said on

    I look forward to Wimbledon every year so I’m in love with this nappy!

  36. Yasmin said on

    I love with all of these! Buzz is my fav for now I think? Hope hubby lets me buy more!!

  37. Cheri P. said on

    I like Buzz because bees are some of my favorite, plus my little girl would look cute in it.

  38. Shianne said on

    Buzz caught my eye first, but seriously how cute would my baby girl look in any of these??

  39. Donna Sutherland said on

    Loving the new prints! Bamboozles are a fav in our house, berry is beautiful

  40. Kathryn W said on

    I love these prints!! The stripes are awesome – I love buzz but I REALLY love Wimblebum BC is looks like pirate almost!

  41. Becky Randall said on

    love all these new prints! V4′s stopped working for us when my little chubster was about 8 months old. I’ve just tried them again after a few months (he was 1 last week) and they’re great again. So pleased as have so many lovely prints that were just sat there looking forlorn waiting to be used again.

  42. sarah hemming said on

    Love the bee. Would mean my LO had his own bee suit to go with ours (he obviously won’t be working on the hives!!)

  43. Emily Brookes said on

    I love Wimblebum! Colours are fab and I love the little bees and strawbs! Super cute

  44. Naima Flint said on

    These covers are so adorable. I haven’t tried Tots Bots yet and I’d love to start with these.

  45. Nic M said on

    Love the new prints! Wimbledon is my favourite sporting event of the year, what a cool theme for new nappies!

  46. Keara B. said on

    I’m a huge tennis fan, so I love Wimblebum!! But Buzz and Berry are adorable too… so hard to decide!

  47. Nicola Michelle Brown said on

    Love them all, pity the stretchies get covered up. Covering them with wimblebum wrap would dull the pain though :)

  48. Izzy Eveson said on

    All three of these nappies are beautiful.
    Would love to see any of them on my ladies bum x

  49. Toni said on

    All 3 of these look lovely but wimblebum has to be one of the nicest designs I’ve seen for any resueable nappies…. So unusually and totally British :-)

  50. Victoria Louise said on

    The three nappies are lovely. So summery!!! My favourite is buzz. My little one’s Nanna calls him her little buzzy bumblebee.

  51. Lela said on

    Berry – summery strawberries and cream or christmassy cranberries and brandy sauce

  52. Vicki Milner said on

    I love tots bots, I think they all look fab but love the strawberries great for either boys or girls :-)

  53. Jenessa said on

    Love buzz but also Wimblebum since it comes in stretchy wraps and those are our favorite covers!

  54. Natalie Plant said on

    Love the bee – my 2yr old calls them ‘bumbly bees’ and would love this for himself or his baby bro!

  55. Patricia B said on

    I love Buzz! I’d love to give it to my brother and his girlfriend as a gift for their baby inn the way

  56. Sarah Taylor said on

    Loving these but especially Buzz.
    my new little man would look fab in it ;-)

  57. Carrie Becker said on

    I commented on Facebook that I love the Buzz, but really they are all adorable. Here’s hoping I win!

  58. Charlotte said on

    I love the buzz nappy. Only problem is my daughter may be subjected to wings and antennae!! I hope we win.

  59. Catherine B said on

    I love Wimblebum reminds me of watching the tennis matches with parents as a kid.

  60. Adele Hosie said on

    Buzz is the best – so bright. My eldest is learning about pollination just now :)

  61. Kristina M said on

    I’m loving all of them as any of them would be our first Tots Bots diaper.. but, if I had to pick, I would pick Berry. :)

  62. Laura Preston said on

    I love the bumble bee one, as my little one loves bees, and how they make honey x

  63. Abby Semple said on

    I run a nappy library based in Wimbledon. A Wimblebum nappy would be perfect for our fluffy parents! :)

  64. Stacey-Jane Manton said on

    Love love love these beautiful new nappies!! Especially Wimblebum! So funky, colourful, summery, and just really prettyn- rely make me want some strawberries and pims tho lol ;)

  65. sophie said on

    love buzz just for the black and yellow stripe! really pops and stands out! but also love the berry, reminds me of the rhubarb and custard sweets which I LOVE :D

  66. Shannon said on

    I love the bee print! At 13 months, we’ve decided to give cloth a go..we spend far too much on disposables and they’re an investment for our future babies! :)

  67. Zoe Waters said on

    Love all these but think Wimblebum just clinches it………. Super cute and can’t wait to start using reuseables on number 2 x

  68. gemma clark said on

    I think I love strawberries and cream but how cute would a wimblebum wrap look over it!!

  69. Gez said on

    Bee is so cute! Great for match day when Watford play as it’s their colours and their mascot.

  70. Lara Carpenter-Podesta said on

    I love all 3 but especially the buzz! Would look super cute on my lil man!

  71. Sarah Parker said on

    Wimblebum would be perfect for my little girl! I have fond memories of watching Wimbledon with my Grandad growing up and would love to remember those times with this diaper!

  72. kelly davis said on

    I love the buzz! Would love them all in my life. Just started with one bamboozle the other day and LOVE it!

  73. Emily brook said on

    i absolutely love the berry bamboozle! The colours are just out of this world

  74. Nicola said on

    We love stretchies in our house and the strawberries and cream are cuteness. But I’ve just had a little boy who is just about to fit into his fluffy nappies ( very excited, can’t wait !) so the buzz would be better son and daughter xx

  75. Jenna Parrington said on

    It’s got to be Wimblebum! Whoever thinks up the names for each new design needs a medal!

  76. Natasha Page said on

    I really need to find an excuse to buy the Berry Bamboozle, my online buying finger has been twitching since I saw it!! Of course it that goes in the basket Wimblebum will likely fall in too!!!

  77. Felicity Shields said on

    I’m expecting #2 and I am so excited to try pretty fluff and these look AMAZING

  78. Catherine said on

    My favourite is Berry- great that it’s a Bamboozle Stretch which is an awesome nappy!

  79. Sarah Herniman said on

    Love Buzz! Anything with yellow wins for me, but they’re all so cute! And how cute is the name ‘Wimblebum’ so sweet! Would love these to start my collection :)

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