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Happy Twitter Birthday to us!

5th June 2015

In celebration of our 6th Twitter birthday we are giving away not one, but six Birthday Easyfit nappies, hooray!

The first 12 months of a baby’s life are full of exciting milestones – their first cloth nappy, first smile, first giggle – every week brings on something new for us as parents to be part of.

The cake smash is a popular event to mark baby’s first year and our Birthday print has been a favourite for cloth bum babies to sport whilst getting messy and posing for the camera!  Cake smash sessions are great fun and the photographs leave a lasting memory of  that special milestone.

For your chance to win the perfect celebration nappy, join us on Twitter and enter our competition below.  Your little one could be one of 6 lucky babies to celebrate their birthday in style!


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  1. Amy @ Mum's the Law said on

    We’ve got a little over a year of planning, but we’re on the doorstep of Chester Zoo, so we’d probably take him off to see all of the wonderful animals there!

  2. Kellie Lawtie said on

    We are currently waiting for our son to arrive, with three weeks left to go. I have never been a big fan of having giant parties or buying lots of presents, so we will be celebrating with just his grandparents and us on his first birthday. My older two are teenagers now and what I’ve always done is let them pick a family activity to do on their day and that’s how we celebrated. Even after my ex and I divorced we still the four of us would do something together. Most times they wanted to watch a sporting event or go to a theme park or something. Then we would have dinner and dessert together. My teens are too busy and cool for birthday days out with the parents these days but when I asked them if they would have changed them to traditional ones they say “no” every time because it’s our own family tradition, so my new partner and I want to keep that with our son as well.

  3. Amanda jaggard said on

    She is only 12 weeks old so a while off yet but hopefully it will be with a lovely day out with her big brother, daddy and me. Maybe to the zoo or sea life centre. Picnic and lots of scrummy birthday cake.

  4. Rosemary Hayward said on

    A family party the weekend before, helped by one set of grandparents being on the correct side of the world this time. I’m booking the day off work though to do something to celebrate.

  5. Amy said on

    I’m so excited about having a party I might do a half birthday party as it’ll be summer! Then I can do two themes too!

  6. Emma catteau said on

    I would love to celebrate my daughters first birthday by making a rainbow cake with fondant icing. I would love to be a mum who makes great cakes but i’m still a novice at the moment!

  7. Aimee Morrison said on

    Lots of family, cupcakes and sandwiches at home. Balloons and bubbles!

  8. Nicola Nsubuga said on

    We celebrated with a cake smash and little nan was wearing a trip tots bots! We also visited Tropical Wings and it was perfect :)

  9. Claire Swallow said on

    We will be having a tea party for my little boy with all his beautiful little friends! And I will be making a massive cake to carry on the maternity leave tradition for all the yummy mummies!

  10. Ivey Petty said on

    For my eldest we just celebrated that Daddy finally made it home as he got stuck offshore and we thought he was going to miss her birthday! Oh and she got lots of toys! This December we are meeting family in Florida and going to Disney World for for my youngest daughters first birthday!

  11. Liz said on

    My little boy had a joint birthday party with 2 of his baby friends at a local soft play cafe. They loved having the place to themselves and being allowed to stuff their faces full of birthday cake!

  12. Vera Bahounkova said on

    We would love to have a birthday party at a local soft play centre

  13. Rosie said on

    We had a family get together with a few friends for my oldests first birthday.
    Have until September to think about my youngest’s birthday…

  14. Ema Reader said on

    We had a little gathering planned, family and friends with children the same age. My Mother came down with laryngitis and flu so we had a small family party instead. Was still a very lovely day though.

  15. Vickie Jackson said on

    We had a little party for friends and family :) lots of outdoor toys and open space!

  16. Laura Hickling said on

    We had a Teddy Bears picnic (in our sitting room – his birthday is in March) with some friends and family.

  17. Adelaide Goffin said on

    We celebrated by throwing a huge swimming party and we had a Moomin birthday cake, it was beautiful <3

  18. Joy Clark said on

    Gonna have a small party with close family and friends, got some things for the garden – paddling pool etc.

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