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Say hello to Royal Wave!

2nd May 2015

easyfit royal wave

…and then there were two! Bow down or courtesy as we present the Royal Wave!


Proud of our Made in UK status, we had to do something to commemorate the birth of another royal arrival! A special print to grace the TotsBots shelves alongside our Royal Flush and Birthday prints, our design team have had just two trimesters to finalise the beautiful unisex design! Our new nappies don’t just appear from behind a gooseberry bush!


This print celebrates the fun to be had with two in a royal nursery with building blocks fit for Buckingham Palace, royal rattles and rocking horses.


We think our Royal nappies are the TotsBots crown jewels and hope you do too! You can grab one for free by entering our easy competition below! A Royal Flush Easyfit, a Royal Birthday Easyfit AND a Royal Wave Easyfit are all up for ransom!


If you can’t wait for the competition to close and want to get your hands on one now, our Royal Wave is available to buy online in Teenyfit, Easyfit and Wrap from £10.49!


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Comments on this blog

  1. Rachel said on

    I love everything about your new Royal Wave print, particularly the cute illustrations and fun colours. My LO would love to wear this and I think even her Daddy wouldn’t mind changing this one! We’re new to fluff and need all the help we can get!

  2. said on

    I love the rocking horse on this nappy, it’s so cute!

  3. Jenna Kate Parrington said on

    The baby! It’s got to be the baby! Such an incredible prize! I have my fingers crossed :)

  4. Siobhan said on

    i love the little rocking horse and baby. Really lovely images and fab that they are gender neutral.

  5. Elizabeth Archer said on

    I love the little baby with the crown and the lovely blue colour of the Velcro.

  6. Lisa Lohman said on

    Loving the new print! Proud to use British nappies living in texas!! :) :)

  7. said on

    Gorgeous nappy, will you be re-releasing the first royal nappy again so the people who missed out can get a full set??? X

  8. Cara crosby said on

    love the new print my favourite detail is the rocking horse. It’s a perfectly designed print for the new royal baby! Well done tots :)

  9. sara-Jane Butler said on

    I love the nappy from the union jack print nappy on the bonny baby, to the hello world building blocks. It encompasses all thing’s baby and fit for a.royal princess. Congrats Kate and Wills

  10. said on

    My favourite part of the new design is the building blocks, very cute :)

  11. Rebecca Hotchin said on

    gorgeous print, well done, again, tots bots. Almost a royal flush!

  12. Bronwyn Bell said on

    The little cloth diapered prince aside, probably the fluer de lis..! Nice little French Royality touch there.

  13. Rachael Haslam said on

    Fantastic competition, I’d love to win, thanks for the chance

  14. charlotte newman said on

    I like the union jack nappy that the royal baby on the nappy is wearing.

  15. Edda Maria Hagalin said on

    Love totsbots and the royal prints. Would love those so much on my third prinsess arriving in end of June this year.

  16. said on

    Lovely nappy! Wonder if we will see the little princess in one! Especially like the rocking horse!

  17. said on

    I love the Union Jack nappy the baby on the nappy is wearing :-)

  18. Lorraine said on

    I love tots bots, they were the first real nappy I ever tried :-) I really like that the baby on the royal wave nappy is itself wearing a real nappy :-)

  19. Rebecca bagot said on

    I didn’t get one of these nappies the first time round, they are very cute!

  20. Ann-Marie Hewitson said on

    Also… love the rocking horse in the print and the union Jack nappy on the baby.

  21. Mackenzie Morrison said on

    i LOOOOVE THE BLUE VELCRO! I have so many tots with red Velcro that for some reason the blue Velcro just speaks to me! I also love the vibrant colors with the trees and the cutest little baby! :)

  22. Becki Özer said on

    We have used totsbots with our eldest now 5 years old and still using them with our youngest who is 19 months old love all the prints and bright colours :)

  23. Morgan Schwall said on

    I love the rocking horse detail on Royal Wave! My mom used to have a wood rocking horse for my brother and I – we loved it as youngsters. I love that it reminded me of my childhood!

  24. lisa mcneill said on

    the whole nappy is super cute…. i love how cartoony it is and the baby prince/princess is super sweet :)

  25. Becky Randall said on

    I love the “hello world” in blocks and the Union Jack nappy on the baby!

  26. Sally Duren said on

    Totsbots are quickly becoming a favorite
    Here! And I adore this sweet print.

  27. Sylvia said on

    what a fab nappy shame only that it’s mostly bought by flippers and probably already on eBay so us mammals that would actually like to use them will miss out again already sold out everywhere.

  28. said on

    I love the new royal wave, it’s just perfect for our new baby princess.
    I would love to have seen it with pink tabs!

  29. Joy Grieve said on

    It’s difficult to choose my favourite feature on the royal wave nappy but I think the crowned baby probably comes top.

  30. Bethany Wiskin said on

    I love the rocking horse – you can guarantee they’ll be one in that little princess’s nursery!

  31. Kelsey Goucher said on

    We love our totsbots so much that my boyfriend told me to buy more!!!! ❤️

  32. Rachelle said on

    Omg i need a royal wave. I have a royal flush & royal birthday. I hope i win or will need to buy it. Lol

  33. Paula HARKER said on

    I love the rocking horse, currently my little one’s favourite toy! :)

  34. Sarah said on

    LOVE this new royal nappy! brilliant unisex design but still keeping it personal to the royal family it’s made after….could only be for Kate & Williams babies! brilliant

  35. Hannah Lindsell said on

    I love the rocking horse on this print! The pictures are so bold I love it! Well done tots bots!!

  36. said on

    I love this nappy! Love the fact thay it’s been made so colourful and gender neutral. Thanks for this competition, you guys rock! X

  37. LaVie "Vie" Turner said on

    I love the rocking horse. What a brilliant idea to celebrate.

  38. Lindsey Cartwright said on

    I love all the bright colors. Plus my obsession with European Royal history makes me need Royal Wave.

  39. Emma-louise Jackson said on

    i personally love the colours. The illustrations and the hello world. I am expecting a baby girl in June so it’s just perfect x x

  40. Leanne Moore said on

    Love love love the rocking horse. I wasn’t so keen when I first saw the print a week or so but it has grown on me more and more everytime I’ve seen it.

  41. Becky Regnier said on

    I love everything about the baby from the crown to the UK diaper!

  42. k . denton said on

    Getting ready for baby no 3 i clothed my second child but want to build my stash back up after selling a load as my son is potty training but still have all my tots bots as i love them . it would be nice as my son was nearly born on the same day as the prince . congrats on the new baby

  43. Roslyn Marshall said on

    I really like the building blocks spelling out “hello world”. Perfect for any baby x

  44. Kristen M. said on

    I love the little prince (or princess, it turns out!) with the crown and union jack.

  45. jade waters said on

    I love the new Royal Wave… mainly the unisex look and ‘Hello World’ have ordered a teeny fit for when we decide to conceive. It will be perfect for a new little squish

  46. said on

    I love the colours – its so bright and cheerful for summer! Building blocks saying hello world are just too cute

  47. Kylie w said on

    I like the building blocks an the welcome to the world comment perfect for a newborn

  48. Melissa Jeeves said on

    The union jack nappy of course! Although the whole nappy is quite classy. :)

  49. Sara W said on

    Absolutely gorgeous print!! Love the whole cutesy design – fab!! xxx

  50. Sarah Bough said on

    This nappy is too cute and i need……yes need it to go with my royal flush

  51. Rosalind Harris said on

    I love the little acorn. A little acorn to grow into a big strong tree :-)

  52. Leigh Merry said on

    Love everything about this print but, my favorite bit has to be the teddy bear. I am new to cloth and was well and truely gutted not to get my hands on the royal flush nappy for my little sproglet who’s sex we kept a suprise. He is now 4months old and would look adorable in both nappies. :)

  53. Camilla said on

    Is that a sneaky bear hiding in the print?! Love the woodland aspect, the trees and acorns.

  54. said on

    Lovely print :) I gave birth the same day as Kate the last time – I think the rules should be all cloth bum babies born the same day should have a royal nappy!

  55. Heather said on

    I love the rocking horse! And the blocks spelling out “Hello world.” So cute!

  56. Kat F said on

    I love these nappies so much! Royal wave is certainly a most worthy addition :)

  57. Ella Boyce said on

    I LOVE the nappies!! The beautiful little babies on them are incredibly cute! *Waves royally!*

  58. gemma f said on

    I love the new royal wave design especially the baby with the union Jack nappy – very cute!

  59. jayne mardell said on

    Such a cute print, I’ve loved all the excitement in the build up to the release too

  60. Kim Thompson said on

    Utterly love this print. I love how it’s totally unisex. The rocking horse is my favourite bit!! Can’t wait to get this fluff on eli’s bum :)
    Congratulations william, Kate and George xxxx

  61. Rohan Braddick said on

    My wee boy picked out the horse as his favourite bit (although he called it a doggy!). Like how the horse links both to royalty and babies!! Would love to win royal flush and birthday nappies as my wee boy was born day before George so we were in hospital when royal flush went on sale and missed out. Great memory of my wee prince’s birth

  62. shanie said on

    I LOVE the rocking horse and the blocks! This whole diaper is so cute!! :)

  63. Vicki- elliebearbabi said on

    I love how cute the royal baby is in the print esph the little bib and the cute Union Jack nappy. this is by far my fave limited edition print *whispers* I like it more than royal flush

  64. Vicki thompson said on

    I love the new Royal nappy! The Union Jack cloth bummed baby it’s fab!! X

  65. Katherine Parr said on

    Lovely nappies, shame people sell for profit and not just love and use

  66. Catherine said on

    I love the whole print, but especially the little baby in the crown

  67. sam livermore said on

    every little prince and princess can show off their royalness with this beautiful nappy

  68. Amy Greenhalgh said on

    Amazing Competiton! Love the print on the nappy, so bright and cheery! I love the blocks – Hello World!

  69. Weng Rodriguez said on

    This might ne the only chance I’ll ever get to getting a Royal Flush before my little one potty trains.

  70. Emily brookfield said on

    We would love to try tots, what better than royal prints for my own little prince x

  71. Kimberley said on

    Tots Bots you have done it again! This print is gorgeous. My favourite detail on this nappy is the rocking horse.

  72. Selina Hood said on

    I love the vibrant colours, but my favourite detail is the rocking horse :)

  73. Emma Briggs said on

    The rocking horse is a lovely detail. It’s almost impossible to think of the royal family without thinking of horses and a rocking horse would be perfect for the new royal baby. Maybe she’ll love horses as much as her great grandmother :)

  74. Sian said on

    I love the rocking horse – such a classic invocation of British childhood!

  75. Claire Davidson said on

    What a fun print my lg would love this and would maybe even lie still long enough for a nappy change. We have just started using tots bots and I love them!

  76. Hannah said on

    Love the new print and all the clever little details, it would be fab if the new baby was a cloth bum!

  77. Joanna Forster said on

    I just love the rocking horse – reminds me of my sons playing with theirs! X

  78. Alexa said on

    Sooooo cute! I have just started using cloth part time so this would be perfect to make the switch to fill time with a few added extras I need to get :)

  79. Hannah E said on

    My favourite bit of the nappy (though it’s all pretty fantabulous!!) Is the beautiful gold fleur-de-lys! Very in keeping with tradition and our lovely heritage.

  80. Meshelle whyte said on

    I love everything about the new royal wave nappy, it’s such a sweet print :)

  81. Emilie Davies said on

    Absolutely gorgeous print! Need it for my prince or princess arriving later in the year :)

  82. Alexa said on

    Oooo forgot to say I love the trees !! Perfect seeing as cloth is so old for the environment!

  83. Enola said on

    I love the trees, I think they’re really fitting for the green credentials of Tots Bots, but they also really remind me of the Duke and Duchess’ wedding day.

  84. Carrie Clifford Brown said on

    Loving the ‘Hello World’ building blocks! Had my first in 2011 and now expecting my second in 2015 so hopefully they can have a royal nappy each! ❤️

  85. Rachael said on

    I love all the little details on this. The Union Jack nappy, lettering on building blocks, the trees and teddy. Everything about it is fab!

  86. Joanne Richardson said on

    I love it has horses on. I have wanted one for ages with horses. Fit for my little royals tush. Loving the colour of the aplix x

  87. said on

    Such a cute print. I love everything about it, the rocking horse, the building blocks saying hello world and especially the union jack nappy.

  88. Jo said on

    I love the fact the royal baby is wearing a Union Jack nappy – have you made her one?

  89. Ceilidh Wickson said on

    Loving the rocking horse! Would love one for my prince/princess due 17/5/15

  90. Mrs Lydia Judith Daniel said on

    Loving the trees and the blocks, perfect for my new arrival too.

  91. rainbow lappage said on

    I love how happy and cheerful this nappy is :-) very cute. I never win anything so I will just say good luck every one xx

  92. Leanne Brassett said on

    My little one wasn’t born when George was born so never tried to get a Royal Flush nappy. Now she’s here (18 months old already!) I’d love to put her in a Roual Wave, it would be her first TotsBots nappy too

  93. Sophie M said on

    AHHH love them! These would make me the happiest fluffy bum mum in the world

  94. Alex G said on

    Favourite part….Um…all of it? Especially ‘hello world’ as I’m due in July!

  95. HAYLEY said on

    Gorgeous nappy! I hope you’ve sent the new royal princess one to start her cloth journey!

  96. Tracy said on

    loving the entire print, especially the little rocking horse. Very cute.

  97. Helen Blakemore said on

    a lovely fresh looking print, lovely for any little princess (or prince)

  98. Nukshi said on

    love tots bots. My baby is a tots bots baby and would love him to have these royal prints. He’s not going to get this chance again.

  99. Heather Comer said on

    I love the new print!! Especially the baby’s Union Jack nappy!!! So cute!

  100. louise chissell said on

    I love the crown! So adorable and my little prince will look great in it.

  101. Caiti C said on

    Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess! As a lifelong royalist I’m delighted that their Prince shares a birth year with my son, and their Princess now shares his birthday! A very royal wave from us – such wonderful nappies in honour of such special babies :-)

  102. Toria D said on

    It’s such a cute nappy. My favourite details are the blocks and the rocking horse.

  103. Kylie Valentine said on

    This print is stunning, I love it.

    Is it weird to love something that I won’t even be wearing? Haha!

  104. Rosie s said on

    I love the rocking horses and the trees on this print. Such a perfect design for the occasion!

  105. Emma.B said on

    I love everything about this print!! nice and colourful perfect for any prince or princess. The rocking horses add cuteness

  106. Sarah Martinez said on

    I love this, ive bought teeny fit and easyfit for my unborn prince or princess!

  107. Natalie t said on

    AWSOME design fit for a little Princess or Prince, love the Union Jack nappy on the baby

  108. Gemma Cazarez said on

    So adorable, can’t choose one thing I like about them. Would love to see these on my newest addition

  109. Kristen Holden said on

    I love the little baby wearing the crown! Even here in the USA, my twin girls and their big sister are like little princesses :)

  110. Carly said on

    I love the little building blocks spelling out “Hello world” – It certainly feels like the whole world was interested in the little princesses arrival :)

  111. Ellie said on

    It has to be the sweet little baby with the crown and union jack nappy, but it’s such a lovely print overall – it’s a perfect design to celebrate the royal baby!

  112. Fran Haines said on

    Perfect design for the new royal baby!
    I particularly love the Oak tree leaves and little acorn, would’ve been perfect for a little Prince

  113. Peggy said on

    Such a great print. Love the acorn.
    Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

  114. Kellie Goldin said on

    Totally love these prints, love tots bots on my 2 week old baby boys bottom. Excellent designs

  115. Laura said on

    Congratulations Kate & Wills & tots bots for another gorgeous nappy. Love the baby with its flag, simply adorable!

  116. fran said on

    Love the whole nappy, wonderful design. Particularly like the Royal baby.

  117. Tash said on

    love the building blocks and Union Jack nappy! Gutted pay days been & gone!

  118. Joanne Davies said on

    Love all of it especially the building blocks and rocking horse. Cute!

  119. Rachel Chalmers said on

    The print is beautiful! I love the rocking horses and acorn tree!!

  120. Katrín Þóra Jóhannesdóttir said on

    I love the rocking horses on the new royal nappy!!!

  121. Hannah Massingham said on

    I love all the vintage toys on the royal wave. It’s adorable. gives a little Royal Wave x

  122. Adelaide Goffin said on

    My favourite feature is the rocking horse, my daughter has one just like it and loves the thrill of rocking backwards and forth!

  123. Gillian Anderson said on

    Love the rocking horse! And the woohoo I’m here pose of the baby.

  124. Rebekah said on

    I love the rocking horses on the diaper. The trees and blocks are really cute too. :)

  125. Theresa said on

    Congratulations, Kate and William. Congratulations, TotsBots on another gorgeous print too. I love the cute baby wearing a Union flag wrap :-) Baby girl and Royal Wave both well worth the wait!

  126. Rowena Wilding said on

    Absolutely love the new design – really cute and fun! I just wish it was v2!!

  127. KanDee Davis said on

    OMG!!! This has got to be the cutest print I’ve seen! I love it and must add it to my stash.

  128. Sue Waring said on

    i love the whole British theme of this nappy my grandad made my babies a rocking horse and this nappy reminds me of that so much x

  129. said on

    The rocking horse <3 It reminded me straight away of my Sons, that his Mammar bought for his first Christmas. He was 5 weeks young & we had just got out from an emergency stay in hospital, just in time for his first Christmas Day. Memories :)

  130. amy said on

    It’s my birthday this week so please let me win these lovely prints for my squish due next month!

  131. Halldora Kristjansdottir Larsen said on

    Love the colors and the blocks saying “hello world”
    Congratulations from Iceland to Katherine and William

  132. Ema Reader said on

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    The rocking horse <3 It reminded me straight away of my Sons, that his Mammar bought for his first Christmas. He was 5 weeks young & we had just got out from an emergency stay in hospital, just in time for his first Christmas Day. Memories :D

  133. Ema Reader said on

    The rocking horse <3 It reminded me straight away of my Sons, that his Mammar bought for his first Christmas. He was 5 weeks young & we had just got out from an emergency stay in hospital, just in time for his first Christmas Day. Memories

  134. Ema Reader said on

    The rocking horse <3 It reminded me straight away of my Sons, that his Mammar bought for his first Christmas. He was 5 weeks young & we had just got out from an emergency stay in hospital, just in time for his first Christmas Day. Memories :D

  135. Janine Y said on

    Tot Bots you never disappoint with your gorgeous prints!! I love the homage to the Royals. I’ve been a loyal Tot Bots fan for the last five years as we have diapered three babes using only your nappies. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this awesome giveaway! :)

  136. Jenn said on

    Love this design! Can’t wait for newbie to arrive and see it on the bum!

  137. Kimberley limbrick said on

    So much better than the first Royal nappy!! This nappy is absolutely adorable!!!

  138. Rhiannon Morkus said on

    Hello, I love the bright colours the most! Babies don’t have to be in pink or blue!

  139. Jessica Eilbeck said on

    I’m loving the colour of the applix on the Royal Wave! Obviously the print itself is stunning with too many cute things to mention but the velcro is such a nice colour! :D

  140. Heather said on

    I love the rocking horse and the cute little bear with the rattle and of course the best bit is the gorgeous royal baby, perfect for my little princess x

  141. Kelly said on

    The rocking horse is a lovely idea. Many years ago my father in law had the pleasure of making one for William & Harry. So a little sentimental :-)

  142. Emma Gordon said on

    Saw the nappy, need the nappy, didn’t get the nappy! :(
    Now is a chance for us to wave with the royal’s,
    With a Royal Wave nappy,
    It sure would make us happy!

    A massive congratulations to the Royal family x

  143. wendy snaddon said on

    The tots team have done it again with another truly gorgeous nappy that’s fit for a king or queen :)

  144. Elizabeth Anne Eveson said on

    I absolutely adore the new Royal Wave.
    My little lady is about to turn one and neeeeeeds this set on the bum.x

  145. Anja Bebbington said on

    I love the acorn, it’s so symbolic- ‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…’

  146. Miruna Dinescu said on

    We ve just started dipering :) … We haven t try tots bots yet but this is lovelyyy

  147. Chris said on

    I live this nappy it’s do cute :) the rocking horse is my favourite bit. Fingers crossed I win :) xx

  148. Lucy Pratt said on

    I absolutely love this nappy. I love that traditional items displayed like the rocking horse and sodden blocks which for in all with a royal baby

  149. Lucy Pratt said on

    I absolutely love this nappy. I love that traditional items have been used like the rocking horse and wooden blocks which work brilliantly for a new royal baby!

  150. Amy said on

    I love how the adorable colours & print would be perfect for either my little prince or princess when they enter the world later this year!

  151. Lauren Panther said on

    Very cute and fun. Would be lovely if my little George (10 days younger than the prince) could wear royal flush and his baby brother due in august had a royal wave

  152. Jemma Toynebee-Smith said on

    Gorgeous prints! I missed out both times! (See Facebook page for the reason why….it features my children heavily!)
    Tots bots are wonderful….I wish the government made it easier for everyone to try fluffy bums. It’s for our babies and their babies future for us to take responsibility for today’s actions.

  153. Steff Lawrence said on

    love these! This would be the best fluffy post for my little prince!

  154. Kerry Adair-Dickinson said on

    My favourite part of the royal wave is the way it say’s hello world! It was the first words we said to our little boy when he was born

  155. Hannah said on

    I’m loving the new Royal wave print, but adore the rocking horse on it especially!

  156. said on

    My hubby only uses tots bots as they are man friendly with the velcro. Loving all of the new prints to give him some variety!

  157. Kellie golding said on

    Can you order some more please. Of each teeny fit, easy fit please

  158. Cat hornsey said on

    I like the pictures of what childhood should be about – I always wanted a rocking horse, when bigger I wanted a real horse. Never had either and prob never will as although my boy wants to learn to ride – he’s terrified of all animals except birds and fish lol

  159. georginaa m said on

    I love this new print royally beautiful n can just imagine how fab it would look on the lil princess herself

  160. janet Sutherland said on

    Love lil royal baby with her wee crown on, sooooo cute. Will be checking regularly for hopefully more stock added. Do not want to pay auction site prices to people who just want to make a quick buck xx

  161. Elizabeth Williams said on

    I love everything about this print, but I especially love the building blocks.

  162. Michelle McDermott said on

    Fun prints.
    I’m a reusable novice. These look fun and easy would love to win them to try.

  163. Victoria Liddle said on

    I like the rocking horse…..would love to win this for my baby due this year :-)

  164. gemma clark said on

    “hello world” perfect as I have ordered it in teenyfit for my bump yay!!!!!

  165. katey peart said on

    I love the blocks, reminds me of my little girl and her love of building

  166. Kessi said on

    I love the whole nappy :-) But if I have to choose only one detail, it will be the little Princess with her cute cloth nappy :-)

  167. Melissa Hardy said on

    I love the busyness of the new print and the fact there are lots of different pictures on it.

  168. Claire Kitchen said on

    TotsBots are my go-to brand. They work really well for us. We have even used the V4′s with the snap in booster over night before with no leaks. Their prints are my favourite and I love to match my little boys clothing with his nappies. It’s probably only a dream that I would ever own a Royal Wave though as I missed the boat and they sold out so quickly. I would’ve loved a teeny to stash for my next baby too. Ah well. Xx

  169. Petra said on

    The pattern is cute all over, but I really love the teddy bear. It should make a reappearance in another diaper.

  170. Julie Garscadden said on

    I love the whole design but I mostly like the hello world building blocks :)

  171. lindsey hunton said on

    I would love a royal flush for my little prince and a royal wave for my little princess

  172. Katie said on

    Love the new royal print, love that it’s unisex and perfect for both princes and princesses!

  173. Carly said on

    I absolutely adore how traditional it is! Rocking horses and the baby absolutely beautiful!! The brightness is also amazing!!

  174. Julz Scott said on

    I love the little baby wearing a royal nappy, the rocking horses are so traditional, and cute

  175. Lisa Ingram said on

    The colours on the royal wave nappy are fabulous! The blue aplix is a beautiful shade and adds to the nappy…that’s actually the first thing that stood out to me! But I love the little details too like the Union Jack on the baby’s nappy and the writing on the building blocks. Such a fun and happy print for such a happy occasion. Lovely to have a positive story on the news for once! X

  176. Jana Klímková said on

    We are from the Czech Republic and even though these diapers We won. Are the most … wonderful, amazing, they are the only diaper that had our children two days after birth. Nejůžesnější diapers that we have at home.It is not only accessible collection Royal :( and yet they are so beautiful and I truly wish to have at least one for our baby, soon to be born and then hide her in remembrance ….

  177. Amber Thompson said on

    The Royal Wave print is gorgeous! It is beautifully made and really stands out! I think the royal baby on the front is particularly cute – it’s right in the middle so that it cannot be missed!

  178. Erin F said on

    I love the rocking horse =) Wish we had a proper old fashioned wooden one for our kids.

  179. Sarah Burns said on

    I love this nappy, lots of details to look at but the rocking horse is my fave x

  180. Wendy said on

    Lovin the unisex ones for those of us still waiting for our bubs to arrive

  181. Claire Semple said on

    Well done again totsbots!!! Fabulous nappy to mark the occasion x

  182. Charis Lucas said on

    I think the whole nappy is lovely but I really like the rocking horse. Very cute!

  183. Karyn Mills said on

    Love the rocking horse and the use of bright colours on white. Nice work tb.

  184. Claire said on

    The rocking horse is my favourite part of the print. Brings back memories. My daughter has her Gt. Grandad’s brass one in her room.

  185. Anna Mar said on

    I think the blocks are pretty cute. I’d get a diaper that was all in just the blocks. :)

  186. Kat ward said on

    Love the new print – goes so well for my 11 month old and think my 27 month old will love it too! xx

  187. Louise Froy said on

    I love the british flag nappy the baby is wearing! I think we need one for our babies!

  188. niffy d said on

    This would complete my TB collection. Best nappies with the best designs!

  189. karen owen said on

    Love these prints but sadly missed the royal flush when it was released and as much as I love it i wouldnt pay the ebay prices for it now as its a little outrageous. I love the fact this time the nappy is more unisex as it doesnt have specific colour and the building blocks and rocking horse help accommodate the fact even more. I think this would be a great on a newborn :-)

  190. Jodie Ellis said on

    Totaly gorgeous I am desperately wanting one but they have sold out everywhere :( x x

  191. Tanya Rhodes said on

    Rocking horses and the alphabet blocks – some of my daughters’ favourite things!

  192. Liz said on

    Such a gorgeous print! It’s so detailed and I especially love the little Union Jack nappy on the Royal Baby!

  193. tink said on

    I love the whole nappy, such a fantastic design! I fo especially like the union flag nappy on the baby, lovely touch! Would love all 3 of these nappies for my little princess & the next one too x

  194. stacey hillhouse said on

    what a cute pattern and a nice way to celebrate birth of new royal baby

  195. Gemma caple said on

    I love everything about the nappy. The little building blocks are cute and the rocking horse as that’s what George was gifted. It’s just a royal looking nappy and all babies will be little prince or princesses wearing one!

  196. Recara said on

    I love the hello world blocks-would be so suitable for my baby due in 4 weeks :)

  197. hannah ali said on

    I love it all! The cute baby with their little crown and I love rocking horses to!!

  198. said on

    I love the little blocks spelling out Hello World. So cute and the way I welcome newborns too x

  199. Jaimie said on

    I love the baby with the crown on. I call my son ‘my prince’ and this nappy is perfect for him xx

  200. said on

    Love the rocking horse and the little building blocks x

  201. marie said on

    Loving the baby with her crown and union jack nappy….but my baby girl is the real queen ;)

  202. Janine Rose said on

    I love the flag nappy the baby is wearing. Can we get those in TB’s?

  203. Jane Woodward said on

    Princess Charlotte will look like royalty in one of your gorgeous nappies!

  204. said on

    The rocking horse has to be my favourite!! You can just imagine a rocking horse in the corner of Princess Charlotte nursery! Every princess should have a rocking horse! My future baby will :-) but I also love the “Hello World” how fitting for the birth of your child :-) hehe.

  205. natalie stewart said on

    It’s a fantastic competition. We always seem to end up using our totsbots- the absorbency is fantastic.

  206. Tina Mullineaux said on

    Tots did a great job of making a beautiful unisex design! Well done to the designers!

  207. zara crout said on

    I LOVE it. Cant beat tots bots yet aloan the awesome patters and designs. 1 of my best nappies ever and would never change it . Xx

  208. Kellie Golding said on

    Would love the royal flush design is fantastic but any is s bonus to add to the collection

  209. Danielle R said on

    I love the blocks that say Hello World! And the diaper the baby is wearing!

  210. Melanie Bagwell said on

    Love everything about the design! Great colours and the Union Jack nappy is ace!

  211. andrea said on

    a gorgeous print yet again from tots bots (no wonder my bank account is empty again)
    love the fact is the neutral colours my favourtite part is the letter blocks

  212. Faye Southey said on

    We tried our first totsbots today and loved it, and now we have seen this beautiful print!! Gorgeous! I wonder if the new royal bubba will be wearing totsbots?

  213. helen said on

    I love the colour of the aplix and I like that it’s a pale background (love the new elements for same reason)

  214. Zoe W said on

    I love love love this – I am new to re-useables but am expecting my no.2 any day now and will definitely be using them with her. One of these would be amazing to add to her collection. I love that they are gender neutral and all of the design is lovely!

  215. Hannah said on

    I love the little princess in her Union jack nappy and little crown- gorgeous!

  216. Vicky said on

    Unlike some I actually like the white background on the new royal wave, I like the contrast. The building blocks are my favourite things with the British nappy on the baby’s bot. It reminds me of the story book :)

  217. Zoe L said on

    There are so many lovely details to the new nappy. I love how it relates to all things baby and royalty.

  218. Danielle Ervine said on

    Love the rocking horses, looks exactly like one I had as a child :) x

  219. Elisa said on

    My favourite detail is the cute little princess with her tiara of course!!

  220. Tammy Stevenson said on

    I love everything about it although i love the vibrant colors the most!

  221. totsbots (Post author) said on

    The lucky winner is Danielle Fernandes!

    Danielle…well done. Check your inbox and we will arrange to send your royal trio out to you asap!

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