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Fluffy bums at the beach!

1st May 2015

We do love a  fluffy bum and we’re hoping that there will be plenty of excuses to let the little ones run around with their nappies hanging out this summer (even though it’s not feeling particularly like summer time in the UK just now!).  Last year we asked you if your little tots had been flashing their fluff on the beach and we loved the photos you showed us.


Vicky’s little boy enjoyed his first fish and chips on holiday in Somerset and we must say, he was rocking the Jack and the beanstalk and hat combo!




Jo’s little dude looked gorgeous in our swimtot nappy gazing out to sea


Fluffybum Jo


We love Beccie’s little romeo wearing three little pigs and holding hand with his special lady, looks like a summer romance to us.


Fluffybum Beccie


Linsey’s little guy is looking roarsome with a little tutti frutti poking out from under his dino tee.  Who doesn’t love the sand between your toes and the wind in your hair?


Fluffybum Linsey


After all these lovely boys, we had a gorgeous girlie in the pool from Christine, and she looked very happy to be chilling out somewhere cool!




And finally, because not everyone has the beach so close, we have Emma’s little man making a splash in his very own back garden  mini-beach!


Fluffybum Emma


If your little one gets the chance to flash their fluffy behind this summer, then why not share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


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