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National Siblings Day: Two under Two

10th April 2015

Get used to hearing ‘You have your hands full ‘, ‘are they twins’ and ‘good luck’ said with a smirk when you enter life with two under two.


It is busy, there are two bums to change, two mouths to feed and two little people to cuddle.  You may have been warned about the lack of time, the mission it will be to leave the house and the amount of washing you will get through.  All of these are pretty true, but what people don’t always tell you is that cuddling up with a baby in each arm is like nothing else, and that first solo bedtime leaves you feeling like Superwoman even if it does take a bit longer than usual.  However hard it may seem at first you will find your stride and being so close in age, your children are bound to grow up with a close bond.


For some, routine is key, and thankfully many babies slot into their elder siblings day after not too long.  For some a sling (Have you tired our Papoozle!) is the answer, and being able to keep baby close whilst tending to their toddlers needs keeps everyone happy.  I think most will agree that having a great support network is vital, whether that is a partner happy to help out with household chores, parents that can take the toddler out when things get tough, or support from friends, breastfeeding groups and health visitors who have your best interest at heart.


Here is our mini guide to two under two:


Tots Bots Pink FlowerEveryone will have their own opinion and advice but only you are the mother.  Listen, smile and choose what you choose to take on board.

Tots Bots small blue flowerTry and find a way to have quality time with your older child, to help them cope with the huge changes in their life.  Doing a puzzle together when the baby is sleeping can help them feel included.

Tots Bots Pink FlowerA double buggy is brilliant, but consider a sling as well, as it can leave your hands free to deal with a toddler.

Tots Bots small blue flowerIt won’t be long until they don’t want to wear matching, so make the most of it! Get some pictures of them in co-ordinated outfits or matching jumpers whilst you can. We’d love to see some of your littlies in matching Easyfit and Teenyfits.  Share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Tots Bots Pink FlowerAccept help, don’t be too proud.  If someone offers to drop round a home cooked meal in those first days, say yes.  If they are happy to sit and read your toddler stories whilst you feed the baby then let them, and if someone is happy to do some washing up, then sit back, relax and thank them.

Tots Bots small blue flowerBe realistic with expectations for leaving the house.  Arrange to see friends around 10am, and make them aware that you may well be late.  Try to make appointments for later in the day to give you a chance to get ready.

Tots Bots Pink FlowerEmbrace the chaos, don’t expect your house to look like a show home, make time for pj days and surround yourself with friends and family who make you smile.


For your chance to win a set of matching Easyfits of your choice, share your best tip for life with two under two below. We’ll pick a winner next week…keep your eyes peeled!





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  1. Kaitlyn W said on

    Routine, routine, routine. Always key for me in any situation involving children. But I also love what you said, embrace the chaos! Because you know that little ones don’t aways go by a schedule. And always remember to smile and laugh!

  2. Sarah said on

    Get the toddler to help with chores eg loading washing machine. They love it and soon they’re genuinely helpful! My little girl loves with nappy changes by passing a wipe/picking a nappy. Might take a bit longer but they feel involved and chores become a game.

  3. helen said on

    Accept limitations. There is only one of you and you can’t always do everything all at once!

  4. Jo said on

    Finger food from the start for both there isn’t enough time in life to feed 3 people in 1 meal.
    When doing a messy meal run a hot bath before you serve by the time it’s eaten it should be the right temperature.

  5. Christie Ashby said on

    Babywearing is a must for either or both, it means you won’t need a double pushchair and can pop one in a sling or carrier to have your hands free for the other

  6. Adelaide Goffin said on

    Keep up with the washing. Do not let the nappies pile up! Write a time table for the week so you know when to do the washing, stick to it!

  7. Kara Montgomery Porter said on

    Definitely a routine and ask for help when things get too crazy or you need a break!

  8. Sophie said on

    I have a 2 month old and a two and half year old. I agree with a double buggy, ours is 63cm wide and they sit side by side. Without it I wouldn’t have the freedom to leave the house. My toddler is brilliant at walking but he sometimes needs a rest (or sleep).

  9. Louisa Barry said on

    Routine, sleep, routine and routine. Oh and an endless supply of patience – still looking for that!!

  10. Catherine B said on

    Breathe in, memorize the baby smell, make a picture in your mind, the time flies.

  11. Kessi said on

    The best tip is definitely a sling/wrap or baby carrier, I haven´t used a pram since the younger one was 3 months old…Now he is 10 months old :-) I

  12. Kim said on

    Patience and letting the eldest one help with the littles one. I have 3 under 3 (just) and 3 in totsbots eastfits and bamboozles at night, the savings for me are massive. I have found that attachment parenting them has also help them turn out to be such well rounded individuals.

  13. totsbots (Post author) said on

    The one and only Helen….you are our winner!! Happy Real Nappy Week :) Look out for an email from us and let us know which Easyfit print/colour you would like.

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