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How to build a nest

29th March 2015

At TotsBots, we class ourselves as a family company, we built it up around the kids, with both of us working part-time so we didn’t have to put them into childcare: our first two machinists were sisters: John our warehouse manager is brothers with our cutter, you get the picture but it dawned on me that we never really share much about that. So we figured it was about time we remedied things and decided to put pen to paper and share one of our stories with you…


build a nest

It was the last Sunday in January, Elements photoshoot was looming and I had spent a fair few hours searching the internet for nest props with zero results. I was thinking I would have to give up on the idea when I realized the solution was in my own back yard.

We have a small wood behind our house, plenty of twigs and branches there; we could make our own, yay! I watched a few tutorials on you-tube and that was it “Boys get your boots on, we’re going up to the woods!” Armed with secateurs, wheelbarrow, flask of hot chocolate, bag of marshmallows, kindling, firewood and matches, off we went. Fluffy dog came too. The boys helped out a little by collecting twigs and acorns but mainly through making the bag lighter for the return journey by eating all the marshmallows and drinking the hot chocolate!

It was a great day; we had a fire, spent most of the afternoon outdoors and had a lot of fun. The nest itself took about an hour to make and I have to say we are all very pleased with the results!

Is there such a career as a nest maker? Might just give it a go! Fiona

family totsbotsnest progesstweet


For the chance to win an Easyfit in Tweet, the inspiration behind the nest, tell us how you love to spend your Sunday afternoons!  Just comment below and we will pick a winner at random next week (4th April 2015).  Don’t forget to tell your friends…sharing is caring!


Sharing is caring

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  1. Jennifer NMH said on

    Love spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon with my family by being outside doing whatever we decide. Looking forward to nice weather and sunshine! :)

  2. Carrie Pallant said on

    Sunday afternoons are spent watching a film with my children after having a roast dinner. We all snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket and popcorn.

  3. Rebecca Patel said on

    I spent my Sunday’s at the moment relaxing watching films as currently doing our first IVF cycle. Taking all of my energy.
    Would love to hope that winning puts and extra lucky spin on this cycle.

  4. Jessica Eilbeck said on

    We start our Sundays with a lazy hour in bed, we cosleep so we just lie together, chat and decide what to do with our day. I usually do some washing and tidying and sort lunch before we go out to visit family, to a national trust or just for a walk along the beach by us. Sunday always goes so quickly though :’( wish there were more hours in the day for precious family time. :)

  5. Laura Churchill said on

    I love spending Sunday’s with my husband and 2 year old usually in the garden or going to the beach, exploring the lovely countryside together and eating a lovely Sunday lunch.

  6. Lauren Wood said on

    I love lazy Sundays, snuggling on the settee with my 2 chickens (children) watching films and a Sunday dinner for tea.

  7. Julie Garscadden said on

    We love to spend our Sunday afternoons down at the seafront, playing and having fun with the kids. If the weather is really bad (which can be most days in sunny Scotland) we will sometimes spend it curled up on the couch watching a good family film.

  8. Kayleigh said on

    Currently- snuggly naps with hubby because baby is due in 7 weeks and we can kiss cosy naps goodbye for at least a little while. We also have a collection of awesomely geeky board games which we play together. Come summer weather it’ll be all long walks!

  9. Kimberley said on

    How I love to spend Sunday’s depends on he weather. When it is cold and wet then it is snuggles on the sofa with hot chocolate and DVDs before cooking a roast dinner and sitting down as a family to eat together. I love it when the windows get steamed up and the smell of roast beef wafts through the house. When the weather is sunny and warm though there is nothing better than a fun afternoon in the garden. Playing on the swing, digging in the sandpit or kicking a football – doesn’t matter. Just being outside together and having fun is what counts.

  10. Hayley Miles said on

    We live in the UAE where our working week is from Sunday-Thursday so on a Sunday afternoon I am teaching a class of 10 year olds. However when I get home I like nothing more than taking my son to the park as it is warm and sunny most of the time. He has recently started saying a few words and one of his firsts was ‘bird’ so a trip to the park usually turns into a bird spotting trip too with fingers pointing between sky and trees. This is why tweet would make a perfect addition to our ever expanding Tots collection!

  11. Kate Sheridan said on

    me and the kids will be spending this Sunday with their gran, great gran and 2 great aunts!

  12. Jill I said on

    I love to have groceries bought for the week and laundry and homework all done. If we still have a free afternoon I love to find a new place to hike/nature walk with the family. Some sunshine and fresh air help me get ready for the work week ahead!!!

  13. Pia Stephens said on

    Crafts or baking with the kids is always a lovely way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon if the weather doesn’t permit going outside x

  14. Annie Alexander said on

    We love to spend our Sundays running around Chester zoo and roaring along with the tigers and lions ☺

  15. Rachael Mcglasha. said on

    I love spending Sundays with my family before having to go back to work again on a Monday, I work 2 weekends out of 4 per month so Sundays off are always cherished! X

  16. Allanah Wilkinson said on

    My husband and I like to take the kids to our local park. He plays football with the boys, my eldest girls play together around the park and I keep tabs on our toddler who is into everything!

  17. Liz Orme said on

    Taking our rescue dog for a long walk through the woods after a family Sunday lunch at our local pub. Muddy boots and dogs welcome at our pub!

  18. Clare said on

    At the moment I’m spending Sunday’s preparing our little nest for our first chick due later this year

  19. Ann O' said on

    We love to make a big meal that we must smell for hours in anticipation as it simmers and read and play. :)

  20. kiera said on

    I love spending time with my three beautiful boys and hubby at the weekend. Off to fly a kite and feed the ducks after lunch!

  21. Sophie Sawbridge said on

    I love spending my Sunday afternoon’s suggles up on the sofa after a morning walk in the woods with my husband and 15 month old daughter. Nothing is more special than family time enjoying nature.

  22. Fiona Mackay said on

    We love going for a walk in Culloden woods near our house with our super off road buggy, then sometimes up to the visitor centre for coffee and cake :-)

  23. Leandra DeFeo said on

    We spend the morning at church so the afternoon is time for naps and relaxing. Some playing too!

  24. Kelly Standen said on

    We love an afternoon on the beach with my 2yo and our dog! Bliss! Hopefully the weather will get better soon!

  25. Leah Roberts said on

    We love to spend our Sundays taking our 10 month old to the park on his baby trike, letting him see all the birds, ducks and flora and fauna :-D Then a coffee for mum and dad!

  26. Liz Halfpenny said on

    Walking to the local woods near us with my son and daughter in her sling. We like to look in the bird hides and play what time is it Mr Wolf. No trip is complete however without feeding the ducks and my 4 year old finding a stick bigger than himself. Then hot chocolate and tea from the cafe to warm up :)

  27. Penny said on

    Sending my partner and son off on an adventure (today a car show) while I potter about quietly at home incubating our next chick!

  28. Rebecca W said on

    Our favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is at the beach… Summer or winter! If only we lived closer, we’d be there every week. A flask, a picnic, buckets and spades, fresh air… What more could 2 little boys wish for?!

  29. Sarah McLaughlan said on

    We go, as a family, to baby swimming lessons for our son. Then have a lazy afternoon spending quality time together :)

  30. Danielle hudson said on

    As we live by the sea, Every Sunday afternoon we go to the beach for a walk and search for shells and splash in our wellies in the sea then we go for a white hot chocolate to warm up at our local cafe xx my oldest loves this and I’m sure her baby sister will too

  31. Mary Noyce said on

    we like to spend Sunday afternoons going out for family walks or snuggling on the sofa :-)

  32. Pippa Ainsworth said on

    Spending time with my little family, perhaps a trip to the museum or a walk around our local country park. Being together and having fun is the important thing!

  33. Gemma said on

    It’s a time we look forward to all week when daddy is home!! We cook yummy dinners, eat together play in the front room and go for a walk weather permitting. My little girl loves daddy time she has a cheeky grin just for him.

  34. Jenny Davies said on

    Spending time as a family with our newborn daughter learning all about her and wondering just how we made something so perfect.

  35. Ailsa Roberts said on

    Love spending Sunday afternoons taking our daughter to the park or to one of the beautiful national trust places near us.

  36. Rebecca S. said on

    We love to have nap time after church then walk to the park as a family and play.

  37. Kirsty Turner said on

    My favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is getting messy with my 3 year old while our 7 month old helps a little. Whether its baking, painting, making collages or getting dirty outside our Sunday’s are always messy.

  38. lindsey hunton said on

    I love to spend sunday afternoons watching black and white movies. Rarely happens though….

  39. Caroline W said on

    I love spending a sunny Sunday afternoon walking with the kids across the heathland (well, one walks, the other 2 are in child rucksacks on our backs!).

  40. Amanda Jordan said on

    With the warm weather coming we look forward to spending our Saturday afternoons fishing or enjoying the beautiful mountains.

  41. Anna Stewart said on

    A lovely Sunday roast followed by a walk (or if the weather is like today then snuggled up under a duvet instead, with chocolate of course!) x

  42. Hannah Bazley said on

    If I’m not working then my ideal Sunday is church, followed by a nice walk in the woods, all while dinner is in the slow cooker, ready for our return. :)

  43. lynda dunn said on

    Much of our Sundays are spent catching up with relatives in Australia via Skype (who sadly miss out on so much with our 1 year old) so when we are done if the weather is nice we like to get outdoors either for a walk or trip to the park.

  44. Danielle.a said on

    My favourite way to spend a Sunday is going to my local pond and feeding the ducks with my little girl

  45. Ros said on

    Baking cakes with very precise specifications (e.g. “a dragon cake, Daddy, but not just a round one with a dragon on top, but a real dragon lying down and breathing fire). And napping with the one year old.

  46. Jennlem said on

    We love our Sundays. We start off the day with swimming at the local pool. Then it’s off to the zoo for the afternoon. We have supper with grandparents or friends. It’s a great day. Today we have a special treat–a Raffi concert!! (A Canadian children’s performer).

  47. Nanette G said on

    Pretty much every Sunday morning is spent taking our two little ones to their swimming lessons. They love swimming so much it makes a great way to start the day. Afterwards we usually head outdoors and doing something together as a family. Love our Sunday’s.

  48. Cheri P. said on

    If it’s nice outside, I like going on walks with my husband and children :) If it’s colder – we like resting on the couch and watching a movie with homemade popcorn.

  49. Dani C said on

    Love spending it with my family, if the weather is nice and stroll down to the beach or through the forest :)

  50. Laura said on

    I love to spend my Sunday afternoon eating a Sunday roast and playing with my children.

  51. Anna H said on

    I love to spend sunny Sundays outside pottering in the garden or down at our allotment, but if it’s wild and windy, or wet outside (like today!) I’d rather be inside doing some baking or relaxing in front of the TV!

  52. Lyndsey said on

    Sunday’s now consist of relaxing and cuddling my 14 day old son whilst watching TV.

  53. sam said on

    I love cooking a roast dinner and us all getting to sit together to eat it. Then we usually all snuggle up to watch a movie

  54. Lorraine Tinsley said on

    I love spending time with my family, my eldest loves swimming so going down the local pool is a firm favourite

  55. DanielleS said on

    After our morning swim, we have a big lunch and go for a walk along the lake. Then it’s home for baking with Little Miss while Daddy makes dinner and if we’ve got time a family film on the sofa so my two year old can snuggle with her little brother or sister to be, ‘bunnybaby’. It’s the time of the week when I can really enjoy how much I love our little family.

  56. simone lee said on


  57. Sarah said on

    A lazy afternoon pottering in the garden with the boy and maybe a walk in the woods. Or, on rainy days, snuggled up warm and dry with some good books and big tower of blocks.

  58. Gemma A said on

    We like to spend Sunday afternoons having a family walk/toddle weather permitting! Rainsuits and wellies today ;)

  59. Nic M said on

    We love going out for family walks exploring the countryside, or curling up with a good film, or catching up with friends :)

  60. Gaelle said on

    Whatever we do, I love to be with my girls and my husband. The best Sundays are outdoors either in the woods or in out closest RSPB park. I also love picnics… I can’t say no to a picnic…

  61. Lily said on

    Spending an hour to myself going for a run! It’s the only time to myself all week (and an hour to not be a mum!). Plus, I come home to a freshly cleaned home thanks to my amazing hubby :D

  62. Kristel said on

    Going to the park with my baby in a nice wrap and playing silly games on the playground

  63. Louise said on

    Sunday afternoons at the moment are generally spent snuggled up watching Octonauts with my Octonauts obsessed boys, four year old firmly in charge of the controls. :) . Then they have a long bath, with green food colouring to represent the midnight zone and a tonne of plastic sea creatures.

  64. sammyjo fletcher said on

    I love spending time in our onesies with my daughter eating junk food and watching movies all day

  65. Catherine said on

    I love to enjoy family time on Sunday afternoons – a meal together, some chill out time while my daughter has a nap then a walk to the park. A real treat is a meal out.

  66. Cheryl D said on

    Sunday afternoons for myself and tweeny peeps (4.5y and 11m) are spent chilling with a DVD or something good on the telly, reading stories and then a manic rush before bed making sure everything is ready for Monday morning!

  67. Anna S said on

    Often a walk around the local lakes or a visit to the park – my husband, son and me. Finished with a Sunday roast at the grandparents’!

  68. Fiona said on

    On a Sunday afternoon, ‘What would you like to do?’ Is usually met with the reply, ‘Some Making and doing!’ My formerly cloth bottomed babies are 4 and a half and two and a half, with another sibling on the way. Drawing, sticking, painting, wherever their imagination takes us! If the weather is fine we like making ‘Silly soup’. The girls collect herbs and flowers from our garden in a toy bucket. We sing, ‘We’re making lots of silly soup, we’re making soup that’s silly. We’re going to put it in the fridge to keep it nice and chilly!’ Fun, simple ways to spend time together before the start of a new week.

  69. Elizabeth Leckey said on

    I spend Sunday afternoons going round to my parents house with my 3 siblings, my niece and nephew and my husband and son and we all have a roast dinner, talk, laugh and spend time together. I love how the children will grow up as best friends and cousins :) xx

  70. Sharon Doyle said on

    We enjoy going to church in the morning then having a long late lunch with friends with kids running everywhere. Then family nap time. Going to the park or playing outside until dinner time.

  71. Heather said on

    That sounds so fun! My favorite was to spend a Sunday afternoon would be walking to the park and spread in out a blanket under the really tall maple trees and spending time with my husband and son.

  72. Katy C-T said on

    Currently I spend most of time feeding our 9week old twins, so on Sundays I like watching old films drinking hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows (have to keep the energy levels up ;-) While our 2yr old happily plays or snuggles with hubby & of course the log burner on to toast our toes. Winter can be cosy :-)

  73. Jenarla said on

    Being with my family doing anything, snuggling watching television or playing games if bad weather, out and about at the zoo, beach, shopping, etc if nice weather. Sundays mean no worries and just enjoying being with each other.

  74. sarah strickson said on

    i spend sunday afternoons with my son & twin girls usually at my parents house playing til daddy finishes work then we come back home to chill with him

  75. sarah strickson said on

    sundays r spent playing at grandmas til daddy finishes work then me, my son & my baby twins all come home to chill with him x

  76. Gemma AKA fluffybabybum said on

    Anything involving being outside wearing wellies! Very rarely have a Sunday roast because I don’t want to get tied down cooking when there’s quality family time to be had. My husband is a farmer and only gets a few hours free on a Sunday. He takes our son to see the inlaws in the morning, while I stick on a stew and catch up with nappy stuffing. When they get back we’re gone

  77. Lorena said on

    On Sundays we stay in bed for a little longer watching cartoons while my husband make breakfast and after we go for a walk in the park if the weather is nice and feed the ducks.
    Most Sundays we will have a roast dinner and snuggle up for a film with our older kids 15 and 18, trying to have as much family time before older one leave for uni.

  78. blydie said on

    We wake up at 6…yup 3yo is an earlybird ;) . Blueberry pancakes with coconut oil and maple syrup is followed by a visit to our local farmer’s market and possibly the nursery to buy some new additions for the herb garden. Then lazy afternoon in the sun gardening, playing outside and reading.

  79. Jenny said on

    We like to spend Sundays curled up on the sofa (or rather squashed up, as we squeeze 5 of us on to a 3 seater, but this means it’s very cosy) with a stash of sweet treats, watching a good film.

  80. Emma said on

    Car boot sale in the summer for bargins, then a well deserved fry up for brunch, then lazing with the family before tea and a long walk

  81. Kellie said on

    Sunday’s are for hill walking for our soon to be family of three. There is no better playground than the bonnie hills of Scotland. We love to plan our next adventure and the success of completing it at the end. We celebrated our 6 month pregnancy maker yesterday with lunch on Ben Rinnes, the view and weather were lovely. We are both really looking forward to sharing our passion with our wee boy when he arrives. No better classroom than out in nature.

  82. Heather Comer said on

    Provided the weather is nice, I like to sit outside with my husband, watching our little ones have fun. If it’s not so nice, we might all snuggle down for a movie or go out to visit with family and friends.

  83. Miriam Pereira said on

    With my family after a big lunch doing something fun, walk in the park, watch a movie…

  84. Alison Makin said on

    We love having outdoor Sunday adventures out with Lucy in the backpack or on the bikes when the weather is good and she loves a good park visit! When the weather is bad we bake or paint or have some good old messy play!

  85. Sharon Roche said on

    We love to spend Sunday afternoons as a family, usually outside at the park or taking a walk.

  86. Leone Bryant said on

    Currently Sunday afternoons are spent relaxing with my 10 week old and my toddler. Usually after spending the morning outside in the garden or walking the dog.

  87. Laura F said on

    For years, I’ve spent Sundays at my wee Granny’s house. The whole family piles into her living room. Four generations from my gran who is 87 to my wee boy who is 2. We drink tea, eat cake and catch up. It’s lovely. Twice a month I spend my Sunday afternoons teaching a kids meditation class, so I just pop into Gran’s for a quick visit on the way. The class is for kids from age 3 to 10. We play games, do arts and crafts, and chat about what meditation means to us. And, of course, we meditate! It’s a really fun and relaxing way to spend a Sunday, and I’ve even met a few cloth mums at the class! Plus the kids never fail to amaze me. At our last class, a 9 year old girl told us that she thinks our minds work in partnership with our brains. Wow!

  88. Sarah Norman said on

    I like to do nothing, if possible! Just stay at home or in the garden, usually in our pyjamas!

  89. Joanna said on

    It depends on the weather. On cold, gloomy days we like to have a lazy Sunday in our pjs, watching films and doing crafty things. On dry days we like to go exploring on long walks and feed the birds.

  90. Rachel said on

    Sunday’s in our house are all about a lazy morning, a big Sunday diner and a walk along the river followed by hot chocolate at the local cafe. Lovely!

  91. Kessi said on

    I spend Sunday afternoons with my family, especially outside, in the nature. We walk our dog in vineyard or just go to local park to observe the peacocks and feed the ducks :-)

  92. totsbots (Post author) said on

    It’s been so lovely reading all of your favourite things to do on a Sunday. We hope you all had a great Easter Sunday and didn’t eat too much chocolate!

    Rebecca W you are our competition winner! Go check your inbox, send us your contact details and we will get a Tweet Easyfit on its way to you.

  93. totsbots (Post author) said on

    Rebecca W you are our competition winner! Go check your inbox, send us your contact details and we will get a Tweet Easyfit on its way to you :)

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