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Winter’s over, spring is here. Get some Elements, on your rear!!

20th March 2015

Brace your bottoms and hold onto your ovaries folks as we introduce our 3 new Elements prints for spring/summer 2015. We think that every little bum deserves a fluffy lining and you can’t get fluffier than this! Meet Twinkle, Tweet and Treasure!


Available to buy now. Bright, beautiful and totally adorable, these prints are perfect for folks who like to keep things simple.


Twinkle_English Tweet_English Treasure_English


We actually had a lot of fun designing these (and the props for the photoshoot!) and some of you may have seen these characters before…the rainbow, the moon and the birdies have been picked out from 3 of our Rhyme Time prints and put into a gorgeous repeat pattern. Check them out in our store now or visit your favourite TotsBots retailer.


We have a set of 3 up for grabs, so for the chance to get your hands on some of the newness, enter our competition below:

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  1. Jenarla said on

    Treasure reminds me of the Incy Wincy Spider nappy and Twinkle of the Hey Diddle Diddle nappy. Not sure about Tweet. Maybe thats why it’s my favourite. :-)

  2. Cheri P. said on

    Treasure is the rainbow from Incy, Twinkle is the moon from Hey Diddle and Tweet is from the birdies in Sing a song of Sixpence :)

  3. Tanzi Spencer said on

    I think these prints are from Incy Wincy, sixpence and hay diddle diddle from the Rhyme Time prints

  4. elizabeth covington said on

    Incy windy spider had the rainbows, the moon was on Hey Diddle Diddle, and birds made an appearance on Sixpence. Great prints! I love how your print characters make appearances on other prints.

  5. Carrie Barron said on

    Treasure is the rainbow from Incy, Twinkle is the moon from Hey Diddle and Tweet is from the birdies in Sing a song of Sixpence. Fabulous prints! Thanks!

  6. Kait W said on

    The rainbows on Treasure are from Incy Wincy Spider, the birds on Tweet are from Sixpense and the moons on Twinkle are from Hey Diddle Diddle!!! Love them all! They are so cute!

  7. Lucia said on

    I love all three of these new prints – oh so darling! TotsBots are our favorite cloth diapers :)

  8. Lizzie said on

    I immediately recognise rainbow from incy wincy (my favourite rhyme time nappy!). Is Tweet from Sixpence and Twinkle from Hey Diddle Diddle?

  9. Kayleigh said on

    I have great memories of playing the song that was used for the Tweet tagline on vinyl on repeat when I visited my grandma as a child. Must’ve driven her crazy!
    The birds on Tweet remind me of Sixpence, the rainbows of Treasure of Incy Winccy Spider and the moons of Twinkle of Hickory Dicory.

  10. Alexandra said on

    They all look sooo lovely! We’d love to have them for our 1,4 years old daughter and our baby on the way! Thank you for the oppprtunity!

  11. Tassie Charrin said on

    Incy Wincy Spider, Sixpence and Hey Diddle Diddle :-) .

    Loving these bright colours and freshen up of previous characters. Thinking these would look fab along with my Rainbow Spots nappy :-D .

  12. Louise said on

    The moon is from the Hey Diddle Diddle print, the rainbow from the Incy Wincy print and the bird from Sixpence. :)

  13. danielle siggins said on

    I’ve seen the prints in the nursery rhyme tots bots prints incy wincy spider, twinkle twinkle little star and rockabye…they also match my son’s cribset! We just got our first tots bots stretchy wrap and I am absolutely in L

  14. Yasmin said on

    love all 3 new prints but treasure is my favourite and tires in perfectly with my sons birthday party theme! Can’t wait to get my hands on them! Thank you TotsBots

  15. Kessi said on

    I found the bird from Tweet on Sixpence print, the moon as on Twinkle is also on Hey Diddle Diddle and Rainbow from Treasure is the easiest one – it´s on Incy Wincy Spider :-)

  16. Grace said on

    Tweet bird on Sixpence, Twinkle moon on Hey Diddle Diddle and Treasure rainbow is on Incy Wincy Spider. Love all 3 new prints!

  17. ellie said on

    Tweet is on Sixpence, Treasure is on Incy ( my LG’s favorite she says its her spider bum nappy) and Twinkle is on Hey diddle diddle. Lovely prints x

  18. Irene Croft said on

    I would say the rain and rainbow remind me of Incy Wincy Spider, the moon from Hey Diddle Diddle, the birds from Sing a Song of Sixpence? Luckily they are not black! Love the colours ;)

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