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Eco Crafts with Weekend Box

3rd March 2015

If you have bigger kids who love to craft, then check out Weekend Box for some green craft supplies delivered right to your door.




Andy Stephenson quit his job to start up Weekend Box as there was nothing on the market to embody the mix of healthy living, green and creative content that he feels is so important to child development. We had a chat with him about how the boxes came to be and the importance of sustainable living, something that we live and breathe here at TotsBots.


One of the original appeals for me in Weekend Box was that a green ethos was at the core of its values, a value I try to share and put into practice in my personal and professional life.


For many of us leaving a sustainable future for the next generation is a key motivation – so what could be better than trying to incorporate that ethos into activities with our kids?


It’s really important to remember that what all children really value is quality time and love from their parents. Any parent will remember the early years when present wrapping paper holds as much (if not more!) appeal as a present. They have not yet been influenced to value expensive gifts or sophisticated toys or computer games.


So I’d encourage you to explore the world with them. Take some time to make a colourful robot head out of a box, paint and kitchen rolls, take 1 minute each day to watch your vegetables grow bigger on the window sill or find some inventive ways to reuse everyday items to create fun packed and creative activities. Andy Stephenson – Weekend Box


The lovely peeps at Weekend Box are giving your first box for FREE using TOTSBOTS on their website. We would love to see what sort of things you can make!

What’s your little ones favourite eco craft?


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