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Top Tips as you approach your Due Date

25th February 2015

The countdown until your due date can be uncomfortable and long, and as we know, there is no guarantee that it stops there, with a lot of women going overdue by up to two weeks.  If you have started your maternity leave or are just getting impatient, there are plenty of things you can do to keep busy and get ready for your new arrival.  Our blogger Bex is has just welcomed her third baby boy into the world a few days early, so she is sharing her top tips as you approach your due date.


Tots Bots Pink Flower   Once the little one arrives, it may be quite some time before you want to leave them, so make the most of your freedom (and some babysitters if you have children already) and go out to the cinema.  Popcorn is proven to be great for pregnant woman*   (*ok, so this is a completely made up fact but I tell myself it often)


Tots Bots small blue flower   If you have the chance, try and organise a spa day or pregnancy massage to relax your body and enjoy some quiet time.  If not try and convince your partner to give you one.


Tots Bots Pink Flower   Make sure you are stocked up on Teenyfits and they are prewashed ready for babies arrival.


Tots Bots small blue flower   Pack, re-pack and pack again your hospital bag – it was probably fine the first time but it is compulsory to check everything at least twice!


Tots Bots Pink Flower   Go for a long walk – especially if you are full term as it can help baby get into the best position and even bring on labour if your body is ready.


Tots Bots small blue flower   Paint your nails, do a face mask and have some home pampering – it will make you feel more confident in the post-baby photos and it is always nice to pamper yourself.  Get to the hairdressers too if you can as it will be the last thing on your mind  in the first few weeks.


Tots Bots Pink Flower   Have a film night with your partner, more popcorn is probably a good idea, as is having a cuddle before there is a little person who wants in on the action.


Tots Bots small blue flower   Prepare some meals for the freezer, things like lasagne are great as they can be put straight in the oven with no extra preperation when you need a quick meal after baby arrives.


Tots Bots Pink Flower   Take some bump photos – whether you love pregnancy or not, your body is performing an amazing task and the photos are a great memory to look back on.  You could book a professional shoot, or just take some photos at home.


Tots Bots small blue flower   If you have other children, then enjoy some one on one time with them. Read stories, do some baking or whatever it is they love.  Enjoy your family as it is before you add an extra member and remind them how much you love them.


And finally, relax.  Babies come whenever they are ready.  Some will be early, some will be late and the odd few may even arrive on their due date.


Did your baby arrive on time?

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