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Greener Kids Party Ideas

15th February 2015

Pinterest has left some of us feeling that all kid’s parties need to be themed. And whilst it isn’t for everyone, there are some great ideas out there.    We have been drawn to some of the greener party ideas we see and wanted to share some of our favourites with you!


Tots Bots Pink Flower  A party that plays on the recycling theme can not only be a great way to lessen your waste but also fun for the little ones.  Why not save up cardboard boxes in advance, and make all sorts of entertainment with them.  Ask friends to do the same, and you can build tunnels, car garages, dolls houses and all sorts for the children to play with, whilst knowing that your lovely toys won’t get ruined, and everything can be packed up in the recycling bin at the end of the day or kept for those rainy days in the house. We love this simple playhouse from

cardboard playhouse

 image source

Tots Bots small blue flower  Junk modelling is a great party activity for older children, so in the lead up to the big day don’t throw away any cartons, bottles or boxes.  Yesterday’s rubbish may be today’s robot and the kids will love getting creative with the free materials.  You can ask parents to bring things along as well as they will most likely be keen to see the back of some rubbish.

robot crafts

 image source

Tots Bots Pink Flower  Rather than buying a fancy table cloth, you could use last weeks newspaper – it can also be cut into triangles and made into bunting, a party staple for some!  In fact, newspaper can be used for so many things, try making party hats for all the children, table decorations or using it to wrap a pass the parcel.  There are some great ideas over on Diaper Style Memoirs!

newspaper boats

image source


Tots Bots small blue flower For a makeshift cake stand, use tin cans and recycled cake boards covered in cereal boxes.  Check out this idea over on picture perfect party blog !

recycled cake stand


Tots Bots Pink Flower  For greener party games, why not scunch up more newspaper, and get the kids to pick it up with grabber sticks? Try hessian sack races too and if you can get your hands on some and empty plastic bottles, they make great skittles!  For pass the parcel, wrap each layer in wrapping paper from last years party if the kids didn’t rip into it too badly.

bottle skittles

 image source

Tots Bots small blue flower If you are having an outdoor party then there are loads of great games to play, from treasure hunts, to building things with sticks and string.  Cardboard tunnels can form an obstacle course which you can let the kids loose to decorate and old birthday cards can be cut in half, so children have to find the two matching pieces.

outdoor den

 image source

Tots Bots Pink Flower  To top of the eco friendly theme, ask your guests to wrap presents in newspaper or pages from an old map or music book to save on waste and ask them to share lifts and walk wherever possible!


Tots Bots small blue flower For the cake . . . well a recycling truck is just perfect!

greener birthday cake

 image source

If you want to send home party favours for your greener kids party, why not check out our post on eco party bags?


Finally, (as long as the weather permits), make sure any babies and toddlers are flashing their reusable nappies and joining in!

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