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Eco Party Bags

10th February 2015

There is no denying that all children love taking away a little bag of goodies at the end of a birthday party but they can get expensive to make up and are often full of plastic toys that don’t last long before being thrown in the bin and finding themselves in a landfill.  We have found some brilliant alternatives to the traditional  party bags and thought we would share our top 5 eco party bag ideas with you in case you fancy handing out something different this year…


Tots Bots Pink Flower Playdough is easy to make and loved by most children.  Why not save old jars or tubs and fill them with homemade playdough – you can add a scent or some glitter to make it extra special too.  A piece of ribbon around the top can attach a cookie cutter and you know you are providing hours of entertainment to your guests.  If the party has a theme, then look out for sets of cutters to split up.


Playdoh party bag

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Tots Bots small blue flower  This idea works especially well for a spring birthday, why not send the children home with their very own plant to grow, whether you go down the mini plant pot and packet of seeds route or a simple potted plant for them to watch and water. They will love the responsibility and watching it bloom.



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Tots Bots Pink Flower  Places like The Works and The Book People do some great value books which often work out cheaper than a bag of little toys, so why not hand out a story book for the children to take home with a slice of cake?


Tots Bots small blue flower  If your party guests are mostly of the baby/toddler variety, how about cooking up a batch of sugar free nibbles to hand out instead?  Happy mumma, happy baby and there is bound to be no waste at the end of the day!


Tots Bots Pink Flower  If you do decide to go down the traditional route, why not buy paper bags rather than plastic, and get the children to help decorate them as one of the party games – they are easier to recycle and the children will love showing off their artwork!


bag greener party

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Have you made eco party bags for your child’s birthday?  Share your ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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